Real Name: Mark Scarlotti, although he's also been called Mark Scott
AKA: Whiplash. He changed his codename in Iron Man 146 when he upgraded his arsenal to include a bullet-resistant mesh cloak, a concussive charge in his whip handle, and a number of other cute tricks. He also dyed the plume in his helmet green instead of orange. (I don't know why a super-villain feels the need to wear a plume in his cowl, but I like the look!)
First Appearance: Tales of Suspense 97
What's His Problem? When in costume, Blacklash is pretty much a sadistic jerk that likes to bully other people. Out of costume, he's a manic depressive who wishes he had his costume on so he could bully other people. Formerly one of Stark's research heads, Scarlotti became entangled with the Maggia. Accepting Maggia money for his research, he constructed a unique metallic whip that is stronger than most other metals with the probable exception of adamantium. Since Iron Man doesn't use adamantium in his armor, Blacklash has been able to give him some serious trouble over the years.
Abilities: As seems to be the case with most of Stark's research heads, Blacklash is a high-caliber, well-trained athlete with excellent hand-to-hand combat skills as well as being an engineer and research scientist of some note. Where does Stark find these guys? More importantly, why do they keep turning against him?
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Blacklash's long term employment by Justin Hammer means he can be thrown against Iron Man at a minute's notice. He has also gone up against Spider-Man, the New Warriors, Silver Sable's Wild Pack, and is willing to attack anyone else Hammer tells him to attack.
Favorite Quote, Whiplash: "You are speaking to an artist, slug! A master of the multi-powered lash! I will do what must be done...when the proper moment is at hand! Destroying one's nemesis must be an act of inspiration!" (Marvel Team Up 72, when an unusually poetic Whiplash refused to destroy Spider-Man out of hand. He regretted it later. Big time.)
Favorite Quote, Blacklash: "You are one sick puppy! But if it's pain you crave--" (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack 22, where an astonished Blacklash meets up with Crippler, a Wild Pack member so depraved it gives even a super-villain with an electric lash pause. No truth to the rumor that Crippler asked for one of Blacklash's whips as a memento, and even less that he got Blacklash's phone number...)
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: After being thrown out of the Maggia, Scarlotti went to work for Justin Hammer. Blacklash is oddly devoted to Hammer, who, despite considering the villain to be among the top echelon of his super-powered employees, would drop Scarlotti in a heartbeat if it were just slightly convenient. He has one high school buddy, Rusty, who hasn't entirely given up on him (unlike Scarlotti's own parents, who have completely disowned him). He has teamed up numerous times with other Hammer employees such as Blizzard, Boomerang, the Beetle, and the Melter. The recent murder of his wife, Trudi (Elektra 7) seems to have finally given Mark pause; with a child to raise on his own, Blacklash is re-thinking his life, and may either retire or switch sides.
Most Despicable Act: No one is safe from Blacklash, not even domesticated animals. In Iron Man 146, Blacklash crushed the pet dog of Stark security guard Vic Martinelli when it got in his way (although, in the bad guy's defense, he didn't know there was a dog behind the wall he knocked over). As Sean McQuaid recalls it: "Sure, it's not a loss of human life, but I wanted to reach into the comic and strangle the scuzzball regardless. It's one of those nasty comic book moments that made me really angry." Personally, I always think it's the writer who came up with the let's-kill-a-small-animal-as-a-plot-device idea that should pay some sort of penalty.

Lashing Mug Shots!

Marvel Team-Up 72, 1978

Iron Man 146, 1981
Blacklash's first outing

Marvel Team-Up 145, 1984
The last Maggia gig

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