The Ghost

Real name: When you find out, let me know!
First appearance: Iron Man 219
Died In: Scraps of his costume, complete with traces of (ug!) organic matter, were found in Iron Man 221. That didn't stop the Ghost from returning without explanation in Iron Man 238. But then, Ghosts are notoriously hard to kill...
What's His Problem? The Ghost has an intense, personal mad-on for big-time industrialists. Although he accepts beau coup bucks for performing acts of industrial sabotage, money is meaningless to him. He would be perfectly happy to blow up major industrial complexes for nothing. His grievance against organized business, what-ever it is, is shared equally between all industrialists; whether his victim be Tony Stark or Justin Hammer. His commitment to the destruction of industry extends to the sacrifice his own life if necessary. This attitude so floored Iron Man in their first major encounter that Shellhead could only watch in amazement as the Ghost tried to destroy a piece of equipment capable of overloading even Iron Man's armor. The Ghost is therefore one of the most feared of all foes: a fanatical terrorist willing to die to get the job done.

Abilities: The Ghost has a passion for building electrically-based devices. His self-designed battle suit permits him to become intangible or invisible at will, although he can't do both at the same time. When intangible, he is visible but transparent; glimpses of him in this mode is what started rumors of a "ghost" that haunted troubled industrial plants. In addition, he possesses a number of electricity-driven weapons resembling guns that fire concentrated bursts of energy.
Favorite quote: "You're ruthless, Spymaster! I respect that!" (Iron Man 220, when Spymaster tries to shoot through a hostage to get to the Ghost. The Ghost's respect, however, did not extend to showing Spymaster any mercy...)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: As an industrial saboteur, the Ghost is the natural enemy of Iron Man, the personal bodyguard of industrialist Tony Stark.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Although he is hired on a regular basis by less-than-scrupulous industrial agents, the Ghost is known as a loose cannon. He doesn't take orders well and has refused to terminate assignments even when full payment was offered. No one trusts him. No one should!
Most Despicable Act: The murder of fellow baddie Spymaster, followed by the murder of one of Stark's security guards. Spymaster's death was especially gruesome and devious. The Ghost gave Spymaster one of his own intangibility circuits under the guise of saving him, but removed the circuit when Spymaster was half-way through a wall. Chilling, utterly chilling.

Ghost Mug Shots!

Iron Man 219

The Ghost goes for broke!

Iron Man 239

Ghostly Sound Bytes

Justin Hammer: "Ah, the elusive Ghost!"

"Now, now, Mr. Hammer. Surely I deserve some of the credit."


"You take the credit; I take the cash. That's the way creativity works!"

"I don't take checks."

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