Justin Hammer

First Appearance: Iron Man 120
What's His Problem? Tony Stark's business competitor in munitions manufacturing, Hammer for years kept his identity so secret Stark himself didn't know he had a rival. After Iron Man accidentally killed one of Tony's clients when his armor "malfunctioned" (it was actually being controlled remotely by Hammer), Hammer revealed himself to Stark.
Abilities: Hammer is a master organizer, a ruthless businessman whose operations are largely (and unabashedly) illegal, and a really, really mean old codger.
Favorite Quote: "Just my way of welcoming you back to the world of commerce, old boy." (Iron Man 217, after Hammer's Adap-tor nearly trashed the newly-reestablished Stark Enterprises).
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Hammer has no confidants per se, but pays big bucks for various super-villains to be at his beck and call. His super-villain flunkies are often led by Blacklash, and generally include the likes of Blizzard, the Beetle, and the Melter. The new Spymaster made his debut as part of Hammer's high-priced team. None of these guys, not even Hammer's longest-continual employee Blacklash, have any claim to the old guy's affections, and all would be unceremoniously dumped if Hammer could gain the slightest tactical advantage by their sacrifice.
Most Despicable Act: Hammer gained control over Iron Man's armor without Stark's knowledge using an invention called a "hypersonic scan transmitter." It caused annoying technical difficulties with the suit that seemed like glitches at the time: joints becoming unsealed while Iron Man was underwater, boot jets mis-firing, et cetera. The "malfunctions" culminated with the murder of the Carnelian ambassador when Hammer, miffed because Carnelia picked Stark International's bid over his own, caused Iron Man's repulsor rays to fire at point-blank range. A cold-blooded murder to underscore his personal pique. Ug.

Hammer-ing Sound Bytes!

from Iron Man: The Animated Series. All sounds in .wav format.

(chuckle) "This is going exactly as I planned."

"After Iron Man is neutralized, Stark Enterprises will crumble. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"

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