Living Laser

Real Name: Arthur Parks
First Appearance: Avengers 34
What's His Problem? An obsessive research scientist, Arthur Parks went bonkers when his gal Lucy Barton ditched him to marry a wealthy banker's son. Deciding that power was the way to win women, Parks used his laser technology to embark on a criminal career as the Living Laser. Along the way, Parks encountered and fell in love with the Wasp at first sight, resolving to have her even if he had to destroy her Avengers teammates to do it. They defeated Parks, but he continued his career in super-villainy for years thereafter, eventually exploding in battle with Iron Man but surviving as a being of sentient light. He has continued to seek revenge on his various foes in this new form.
Abilities: A gifted research scientist specializing in the design and construction of lasers, Parks originally used powerful wrist-mounted laser guns and, later, laser diodes implanted in his skin. Since becoming a sentient light being, he is now an immaterial mass of photons whose consciousness is contained within an electrical field. He can increase his density to manifest as "solid" light, and can throw off this light as force beams or conventional laser beams. He can also project holographic illusions from his bodily substance, enabling him to seemingly assume any form at will.
Favorite Quote: "The ways of women are a mystery to me! But, not so my newly developed laser cannon! Her I invented...constructed with my own hands! I, and I alone, understand her intricate mechanisms...her senses-staggering power!" (Avengers 35. The lonely Living Laser, recently spurned by the Wasp, musing aloud on how he relates to laser weaponry better than he does to women. Living Loser is more like it.)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: The Avengers have bested the Laser many times over the years, but his principal recurring foe is Iron Man. Other Avengers the Laser has battled one-on-one include Captain America and Quasar.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Lucy Barton believed that Parks was more misguided than evil, even after his initial rampage, but years of super-villainy seem to have proven her wrong. Parks has served as a member of Batroc's Brigade, the Lethal Legion and Mandarin's Minions, doing his bit for the fine old Marvel tradition of alliterative villain teams.
Most Despicable Act: The Laser's crimes are numerous, but he never really topped his initial two-issue outing: in those two scant comics, he indulged in robbery and senseless mass destruction; kidnapped the Wasp and kept her in a jar while trying to convince her to become Mrs. Laser; tried to kill her Avengers teammates; and almost single-handedly conquered a small South American country until the Avengers defeated him. And that was when he was essentially just a nut with two zap-guns strapped to his wrists!

by Sean McQuaid

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