Obadiah Stane

AKA: The Master (like just about every other shadowy figure in comics). Iron-Monger
First Appearance: Repeated cameos starting with Iron Man 163; first actual sight of Stane in Iron Man 166.
Died In: Iron Man 200
What's His Problem? A power-mad businessman, Stane became interested in obtaining Stark International, and used any means necessary to do so. Stane, who as a youth witnessed his father's death during a solitary game of Russian roulette, was a compulsive strategist and game-player. He originally treated the takeover as a chess match, using super-powered operatives he called the Chessmen to harass Iron Man while he simultaneously used psychological warfare against Tony Stark. Once he successfully broke Stark's spirit and took over the company by buying up its debts, he renamed Stark International Stane International. When Tony Stark regrouped and began to make a comeback with a new company, Stane could no longer consider his victory over Stark a clean win. Discovering Stark's dual identity as Iron Man, he fought Iron Man using a prototype armor based on Stark's own designs. Defeated in battle, he committed suicide by blowing his head off with a repulsor blast -- the ultimate in sore losers.
Favorite Quote: "You heard me, Iron Man. Your armor belongs to me. Remove it -- now!" (Iron Man 174. Rhodes' Iron Man was pretty amused at the request...)
Abilities: Stane was an utterly ruthless, completely unprincipled corporate shark. He oversaw several corporations, indulged in industrial sabotage, and employed a large number of individuals to strong-arm other corporations. He invented many morally questionable devices, including headphones that hypnotically forced the wearers to do what-ever he commanded them to do, whether it was bark like a dog or kill the nearest human being.
Heroes He Kept Running Into: By raiding Stark International, Stane set himself up for countless confrontations with Iron Man. In fact, he faced two different men in the Iron Man armor; the original Iron Man, Tony Stark, and Jim Rhodes, who would eventually become War Machine.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Madame Masque allied herself with Stane, although he treated her as one more pawn in his great game against Stark. While some Stark employees such as security head Vic Martinelli stayed with Stane International, Obadiah had trouble retaining many of Stark's key workers, and found to his surprise that offering to double salaries did not prevent the egress of those loyal to Stark.
Most Despicable Act: Even as a child Stane was a nasty character, once killing a rival's pet dog. During the takeover Stane was responsible for a series of covert attacks on Stark International, orchestrated to undermine the morale of the company in general and to weaken recovering alcoholic Tony Stark's resolve in particular. His plan was unexpectedly aided when the combined duties of corporation head and armored body guard deprived Stark of sleep for several days, impairing his judgment and seriously weakening his resistance to alcohol.

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