Real Name: Milos Masaryk
First Appearance: Tales of Suspense 56
Died In: Iron Man 154
Got Better In: Soviet Super Soldiers 1, when the Crimson Dynamo returned him to life.
What's His Problem? Originally trained by the Crimson Dynamo to perform acts of political terrorism and sabotage, the Unicorn's physical condition began to deteriorate after the hyper-activator treatment that gave him super-human powers caused biological damage at the cellular level. Undergoing brainwashing on at least two different conditions, and beginning to be mentally affected by his illness, the once independent and proud Masaryk was reduced to a child-like state, and drowned trying to return to his "parent," the Titanium Man.
Powers: The hyper-activator procedure gave Milos super-human strength, and made his flesh far more dense than that of other humans; so dense, in fact, he could take a repulsor ray at close range without losing his footing. Before that, he was just a another guy in a battlesuit adorned with a blast-horn. The power bolts emitted by the horn come from energy harvested from many different natural sources, including electrons and various light-wave lengths, meaning that the Unicorn always had an endless energy source available (unlike Iron Man, whose dependence on solar energy was often a problem in protracted fights). Before being compacted into his helmet, the controls for the horn's energy were to be found on the Unicorn's body harness. The resurrected Unicorn has a third eye for projecting his energy bolts.
Favorite Quote, the Sane Unicorn: "Turn, buffoons -- and meet your master!" (Uncanny X-Men 22. Cyclops' response was to wonder if it was homecoming week for obscure villains...)
Favorite Quote, the Insane Unicorn: "The Other will know that I am still worthy! He will come to me, and we shall revel in your blood and agony! We will be whole again! Ha ... ha-ha..." (Iron Man 154; the Unicorn gloats over the fallen, and truly defeated, Iron Man)
Heroes He Kept Running Into: Although he willingly and fearlessly went against the X-Men, and even managed to take out Cyclops, the Unicorn was actually one of a number of super-villains created to be the Iron Curtain's answer to Iron Man, the body guard of capitalist Tony Stark. He once waded through the Avengers trying to get to his arch-enemy, so he was no lightweight!
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: The Unicorn was a member of Count Nefaria's team of super-villains that attacked the X-Men and annexed the U.S. capitol; however, since he turned on his fellow bad guys and nearly usurped Nefaria's power base, he's not likely to get any references from any of 'em. After he became ill, the Unicorn allied himself to a number of other villains in an attempt to broker a cure, including the Red Ghost and the Mandarin. When in the most advanced stages of his illness Milos fell into the hands of the unscrupulous Titanium Man, and was used by him to test Iron Man's latest armor.
Most Despicable Act: The Unicorn has done typical bad-guy stuff like trash Stark Enterprises lots of times and hold Washington D.C. for ransom. Losing his mind also made him lose his sence of perspective; the Unicorn went on a destructive rampage that included delibrately trying to murder a dozen dock-workers to force Iron Man into fighting him, despite the Golden Avenger's earnest efforts to help Masaryk.

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Tales of Suspense 56

Uncanny X-Men 22

Iron Man 154

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