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GOLGOLOT was formed as a solo project of SIR.BUTCHER BLOOD
in winter of 1993 (with different name until late 94'), the band play music
called hebrewic barbarian metal ,
the band spread anti-christian&anti-gays ideologies while playing bestial
music raw and fast .during the years of 93'-94' the material of both
"voodo" & "death to the christ" demo's was written , in 94 the rehearsal
demo tape "voodo" was recorded and released, it was heavy,
brutal and fucking raw as hell ,several months later the "death to the
christ" demo was record and was released during late 95', this demo was
heavy as hell and got good responds, after a while new  material was
written and was recorded as the "in darkness to come..." demo,
this demo was not officially released and only several copies of it was
released. in 98 many was asking blood for "death to the christ" demo so
it was re-released in only 50 copies and with two bonus songs in
"the destroyer productions", and during 97'-98' new material has been
written and finished ,the band received several offers for a deal but turn it
down, and this material will only now will be released the band has signed
with label "w.m.k.c records" and the recordings of the ep will start soon,
also a split of GOLGOLOT & REVENGE shell take place in the near future...

(stupid questions will not be answered ! BLOOD)


The Voodo

Death To The Christ

In Darkness To Come ...

re-released death to the christ demo

Golgolot - Open The War Gates
Open The Wargates


SIR.BUTCHER BLOOD - All Instruments And Vocals

SONG: Oxzes Daicherev - taken from Open The War Gates