Map of web site of Alessandro Puzielli


There it's an index of my web site; for any point it's a short explication about his contents.

Now it's the description of the pages in my website:

  • Links: links for the webpage outside my website;
  • I am: a little myself's presentation;
  • Computer science: section about the IT world (especially GNU/Linux and *BSD operating systems) and the technology and math sciences. Computer languages: Java, C, Perl, SQL, XML.
  • Graphics: section about my artistics creation in 2D and 3D;
  • My woks: there's the list of my work in Internet;
  • E-Mail: it's used for written an e-mail; please don't use proprietary formats as .doc, .ppt, .xls et cetera...

Because I have done this web-site

As can you see in this moment, in this web-site there's only a few of image and it is'nt much complex. It fellow a lot of laws of WEB-Design that I have decided:

  1. I'm disagree visiting a lot of web site because the connection's speed was'nt as hight for download speed this kilobytes, that have in to end very few of insteresting information: I remember this experiences and I decided of to insert only image that I think need;
  2. For this thinking I decided to insert my fondamental images, as my Study about the cat's positions in the Rembrandt's vision: it's possibile that in futur time I will insert my art's experiments with Blender, GIMP and InkScape in a dedicated web page ;
  3. I know good only HTML and CSS as metalanguages, because the web site is structured in simple mode too for it. Really in future maybe I will use PHP and Javascript too ;
  4. I have build this web site just for fun...Too end I'm not fellow this ever...;
  5. This web site can't be ever bringed....


Until now I have...

  • 25-02-2006: After an hard work this web site is online!
  • 28-02-2006: I have changed the colour
  • 06-03-2006: I have changed the background and I have added an image to right.
  • 21-03-2006: The english translation is online and I have modified the layout.
  • 18-09-2006: I have changed the CSS from greek-theme to japan-theme.
  • 4-11-2006: I have changed the CSS from japanwhite-black-theme to japan-theme in white-red and I have inserted the page about the graphics.


You can see this web page with any browser, too textual (also too Internet Explorer!! ;-)).
Because the update is'nt prefixed - better, it'snt periodic - this web site is'nt a editory product about the laws (at least in Italy).

The design of site is inspired by Monk CSS and Dead or Alive on the site CssZenGarden.