Environmental problems and sustainability 

M.J.Heade, Cattelya Orchid and Three Brasilian Hummingbirds,
1871, National Gallery of Art,  Washington



Greenhouse effect

Ozone depletion

Toxic chemicals

Wind power

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Methane Levels Rise Sharply in 2007

( according to NOAA )

   Wind Power:

the key to fight climate change  


 Anctartic ozone hole :
is it shrinking ?
Not yet, according to NASA

Nuclear energy is unsustainable;
Europe does not need nuclear power

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Selected Web Sites :

Environmental organizations :

Greenpeace, probably the most active organization
Friends of the Earth

UN, national or governmental organizations:

UNEP, United National Environmental Program
US Environment Protection Agency
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA

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April 2008

Note : The  image (painting by M. J. Heade) has been downloaded from the web site CGFA,by Carol Gerten-Jackson