stand-alone project

- what is it? -
The "divx stand-alone" is the ambitious project of developing a SO-indipendent player, wich means a player that runs on a computer with any operative sytem (even without it ;-).
In few words, the project consist of: write a software that is stored on a boot disk or even on the same disk of the divx film.
The advantages are obvious... you can build a pc, connect it to a tv and control it by means of an infrared remote control.
If you want, you can store the player on a ROM...

- the challenge -
With this project we work in a bordeline case. We can use only BIOS interrupts.
No DOS interrupts. No Windows API.

To simplify our work, we structure it in this way:
- step one: build a DOS player
- step two: remove all DOS/Windows calls aand interrupts to make a completely indipendent software

- ingredient -
Really every kind of help is welcome.
You can send code fragment, algorithm, ideas, documents or whatever you think can be useful.

What we need is:
- video rendering (partially developed) - audio playback (developing...)
- divx video decoding (we thought to use tthe xvid open-source library)
- mp3 audio decoding (even wma decoding) - avi file format low-level management
On these web page we'll store all source code and documentation about the project.

- members -
The list of developers who has worked to the project.

bondo: founder and really the only developer

nop: hardware and divx supporter (anyway I do development too!)

To join the project or to ask information about it write to:


we need you