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Giancarlo Amurri

Biography and artistic personality:

Giancarlo Amurri was born in Monterubbiano (AP) on 22 August 1929. He now lives and works in in via
Soffredini no. 77. Milan.

Landscape Landscape, 1984. Oil painting (30x40).

Giancarlo Amurri, sensitive towards the complex beauty of nature, sings his gentle song in colours with refined, knowledgeable brush-work. To speak of his rhythm and harmony is certainly not difftcult, since his sensitivity is ready to point out and decipher the small and great things that he finds along the way, the guarantee of poetic expression and the affirmation of his reality. A personal discourse, in the sunlight, whether dealing with landscapes, flowers or still life, to express and transmit an emotion, to look «within» nature and discover its submerged, joyful voice.

        Sunflowers, 1988.Oil painting (50x40).

Work of thought and dexterity in differing fields, then, to express his concepts and to understand the living energies that pervade nature. Painting as continuity of colours and graphicism, as verifieation, perception, aspiration for pictorial concreteness, that is pregnant with mood and gives poetically appreciable results.
Beyond unnatural rules and dogmas, Giancarlo Amurti always desired to be himself studying and experimenting.

Flowers Flowers, 1984. Oil painting (30x40).

Let us hear how he was able to awarely achieve such innerness and dynamism:
« One can say that my interest for painting began when I saw a friend represent the personalities and scenery of a Holy Crib. I was eight years old and since then I have always drawn.

  Montefiore, 1990. Oil painting (60x50).

I should have attended an artistic high school, but, since the war had only recently ended and the high school in Florence was too far away, my parents directed me towards another school nearer home, since they were also rather disapproving of my choice. Thus I attended the technical-commercial school at Fermo and concurrently a private school of painting, that later became the State Art Institue, under the guidance of Professor Pende.

Sunflowers Vase with dried Sunflowers, 1990. Oil painting (50x70).

Moving to Milan for work, I attended the «Faruffini» civic school in Sesto San Giovanni. Giving up my work as a book-keeper, I devoted myself completely to painting, attending the Art Institute, in the metal division. After earning my diploma as a teacher of art, I earned a diploma at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, in the pictorial division, under the guidance of Purificato, De Vita, Diana, Ballo, De Grada and Cantatore.

Notre Dame, 1990. Oil  painting (80x70).
Notre Dame

I attended the sculpture course for a year and won a teaching position in pictorial discipline through a concourse, so that I also committed myself to teaching. I taught for two years to Innocenti employees in Lambrate. In 1983, I attended the summer course in xylography at Venezia Viva, Campo S. Silvestre, Venice. In 1984 and 1985 I travelled to the United States, visiting New York, Washington and Pittsburg before going to Paris. »

Broom Track with broom, 1986. Oil painting (40x50).

Landscapes, seascapes, still life and flowers. Feeling their calling him by name and the voice of time. Views that are clean and clear, without tortuous intellectualism; expressive forms that are never static, defined by a sense for nature, suitable to awarely stress Giancarlo Amurris inner self. Painting of impalpable nostalgia, serenely spellbinding, like a fairy-tale recounted between sea and sky, between houses, trees and flowers in green in all its shades....

From his work the onlooker can deduce the curiosity of the artist, who believes in impressionistic traditions, in delicate nuances or in the pressing rhythm of fleshy colour, the forms, light, perspectives. So that more than objects in themselves, the works of our painter may become a panorama of lively sensitivity. (Antonio Oberti).

Hilly landscape  in "Marche", 1970. Oil on wood (60x70).

Individual Exhibitions:

Galleria il Salotto, Vicenza (1971)
Amici di Legnano, Legnano (1972)
Galleria Sistina, Rome (1974)
Galleria Tori, Sassuolo (1975)
Kunstmesse Verona, Verona (1990)
Galleria Artemisia, Turin (1990)
Mostra il Rivellino, Ferrara (1993)
Galleria S. Rocco, Seregno (1971)
Galleria S. Ambroeus, Milan (1971)
Galleria La Cronice, Cassino (1973)
Pro Loco Monterubbiano, Monterubbiano (1974)
Sala della Provincia, Sondrio (1978)
Galleria Alba, Ferrara (1990)
Mostra Euro Arti Expo, Verona (1992)
Ente Soggiorno, Monterubbiano (1994)

Under the bridges of Paris Under the bridges of Paris, 1992. Oil painting (70x50).

Important collective exhibitions:

Mostra italo-spagnola, Milan;
Estate varesina, Varese;
Europa unita, Bergamo;
Premio della Stampa, Milan;
Circolo della Stampa Rotonda Besana, Milan;
Galleria Ticino, Milan
Amnesty International Finarte, Milan;
Club dell'Incisione, Venice;
L'Arte nell'arte, Assisi;
Cittą di Norcia, Perugia;
Omaggio dell'arte italiana al dolore innocente, Palazzo Reale Milan;
Premio Lono, Cadorago (CO);
L'arte contro la violenza, Bagnara Calabra;
Artisti famosi nel mondo, Florence, 1994 (organized by the National Institute of Fine Arts)

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Giancarlo Amurri
Via Soffredini 77; 20126 Milano; Tel. 02/2576265
Piazza Centanni 7; Monterubbiano (AP); Tel. 0734/59154
E-mail: amurriart@yahoo.it