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Trus, the last time Antepspor won vs.GS _at home_ was in '90-91 and since the record is 0-4-8. This must be stopped ... one day!

GS sent 18 players to Gaziantep. Aside from Karan and Batista, Arif, Berkant (scorers last year btw), and Ayhan are not in the squad. Welcome back to the hell, Murat!

Interestingly, GS official site forgot to upload the video of Ibrahim's goal last season (in its full). Now they have one (1103KB): wmv
Other clips at: Maca Dogru

With the exception of Nuri, the team is relatively in a good shape. Only Hasan Özer is slightly injured. Ticket prices for Sunday are 5-10-100 million TL. To be sold starting 15:00.

GS will be without Ümit Karan (injured/suspended) and Batista (attending his mother's funeral). Other injury worries in reserves.

Four players selected for Turkey-Moldova next week (A & U-21). Ömer and Ibrahim for A, deservedly, Ilhan and Erdal for U-21.

I should get a better picture, but here's Ilhan showing off his (?) machine - to the world!

Devran and Kaya worked together in training. This is good news.

PFDK (the disciplinary committee) rejected Club's appeal to lift Nuri's suspension. Not good (though well predicted).

And now I'm hearing Devran and Kaya suffered injuries through a traffic accident in Adana. Please not... (Apparently, both are OK. But their car was a wreck, turning upside down three times. Kaya was visiting his mother in hospital.)

Mug shots?

Ouch! Nuri cannot play against GS and G'birligi. Two match suspension due to a July-25 friendly red card.

Another set of new uniform.
(Shoes are not part of it. ...Nice anyway.)

2002 Athletes of the Year awards have been announced by the local Olay newspaper:
Athlete of the year: Celal Dogan.
Technical director of the year: Nurullah Saglam.
Footballer of the year: Ibrahim Toraman.

Congratulations! (Of course, Mr.Dogan is more a Sports Personality than an Athlete. The awards are for 2002 and why Ibrahim? Because this is August ...perhaps.)

08-09-2003 (Sat)
ilhan_bursa(c)tnn_netSuperLeague Week 1:
Bursa 0-0 Antepspor. The home side wasted a lot of chances. Not a bad result.

Ömer; Ilhan, Mehmet, Ibrahim, Nuri, Lazarov (82.Erdal), Bouazizi, Johnson, Erhan (68. Cem), Hasan, Jaziri (57. Preko).
(Y: Bouazizi, Erhan, Ibrahim, Cem) (subs: Kaya, Bülent, Alper, Devran)

The team is in Bursa! (like it's a news...)

Our old friend Maxim signed for Trabzon (his wife liked the town). For a year. $500,000 is not exactly $80K a month, but he seems to be happy. Fine.

And Mustafa Ümit, too. Unlike Sahintürk (the end of the road), he's going to seek a loan deal. (For a record, there were 4 Mustafas in the pre-season. All are gone.)

2003-2004 Shirt Numbers: 1-Ömer Çatkiç, 4-Mehmet Alper Akici, 5-Nuri Çolak, 6-Mehmet Polat, 7-Bülent Bölükbasi, 8-Cem Baki, 9-Hasan Özer, 10-Erhan Namli, 11-Zdravko Ivanov Lazarov, 13-Riadh Ben Khemais Bouazizi, 15-Samuel Johnson, 17-Sevki Koç, 19-Ibrahim Toraman, 20-Ziedh Ben Maktouf Jaziri, 22-Yaw Preko, 23-Bekir Irtegün, 27-Erdal Günes, 30-Kaya Tarakçi, 33-Murat Ibrahim Uslu, 34-Onur Içli, 38-Hasan Yurt, 53-Kerem Sarihan, 59-Hüseyin Sunar Karakayis, 66-Ilhan Özbay, 72-Devran Ayhan.
(Thus the wish by the Sivas mayor didn't come true. In fact, there wasn't a bit of chance...)

There's a league game in three days and Viola is missing. Naturally he's out of the A-team list. So is Mustafa Sahintürk. The only question we have: why now?

Finally, the squad page is up: kadro

Past schedule:
08-09(Sat) 19:00 - Bursaspor (A)
08-17(Sun) 19:00 - Galatasaray (H)
08-19(Tue) 18:00 - Turkey-Moldova (U-21)
08-20(Wed) 20:00 - Turkey-Moldova (friendly)

08-24(Sun) 19:00 - Genclerbirligi (A)
08-29(Fri) UEFA Cup draw
08-30(Sat) 19:00 - Konyaspor (H)
09-05 (Fri) 23:15 Portugal - Turkey (U-21)
09-06 (Sat) 21:00 Liechtenstein - Turkey
09-09 (Tue) 21:30 Ireland - Turkey
09-10 (Wed) 20:00 Turkey - Australia (U-21)