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Alper's mom and dad.

"Famous" Gaziantep star Ilhan Özbay, who aims to play for one of the Big 3 and A-national team (Before that, there's Fener to stop):

Dr.Hindal Gunduz and Faik Demir featured in the agency news today.

Erhan and Bulent got hurt during a mini game. Bulent seems to be fine.

Charter! Antepspor will dispatch a 160-person THY plane to Rotterdam for the Oct-15 UEFA Cup tie. Tour costs 600 EURO* per head. (*corrected)

U-21 friendly: Turkey 2-1 Australia.
Erdal was the better of the forwards on the pitch in the second half. Ibrahim, nursing injuries and an empty mind, a spectator on the bench.

Ilhan and Johnson train separately from the team. They will be fit in time. Preko won't be.

Friendly: Rep.Ireland 2-2 Turkey.
Omer was called in at 60th minute for injured Rustu. Every touch of his caused scares. Not his night. (But he didn't concede a goal....)

Friendly: Antepspor 3-0 Hatayspor (5.Onur, 70.Lazarov, 73.Hasan Özer)
Murat (Kaya); Bekir, Kerem, Bülent (Emre), Nuri; Hasan Yurt Devran (Mehmet Polat), Hüseyin (Lazarov), Sevki, Erhan Namli,(Cem Baki), Onur (Hasan Özer)

Euro qualifier: Liechtenstein 0-3 Turkey.
Our keeper was on the bench.

Team will play against Hatayspor at 18:00 Saturday. Injured: Ilhan and Preko.

Euro U-21 qualifier: Portugal 1-2 Turkey.
Turkey won the group with a match (v.England) in hand. Erdal didn't make the squad. Ibrahim lasted more than 7 minutes (actually for 90), despite a pulled muscle and bruises.

FB match will be played in Istanbul _with_ spectators.

Mustafa Sahinturk didn't sign with Diyarbakirspor, meaning he's still a Gaziantepspor player ....

UEFA Cup kick-off times known:
Sep.24 (Wed) 20:00 Antepspor - Hapoel
Oct.15 (Wed) 20:00 (21:00 TSI) Hapoel - Antepspor (at Rotterdam Eneco Stadium)

Fener signed one A-milli player yesterday. Another on his way next season. (On U-21 assignment)

UEFA Cup's return leg (Oct.15) will be played in Holland (Rotterdam?).

Players received 3-day off. Ilhan Özbay didn't join U-21 camp because of his thigh injury (we need him in two weeks, which is what it counts).

Antepspor 3-1 Konyaspor (29.Jazir, 58.& 81.Hasan Özer) (40.Sedat)
Ömer; Ibrahim, Bouazizi, Mehmet; Ilhan, Johnson, Cem Baki, Erdal (62.Devran), Nuri (60.Bülent); Hasan Özer, Jaziri (79.Lazarov).
(Y: Johnson, Omer, Bulent. R: 7th.Ibrahim) (subs: Kaya, Erhan Namli, Kerem, Hasan Yurt)

Season's first victory - and we're 9th in the table now. We lost Ibrahim after just 8 minutes - first red by the player and first direct since Fatih Tekke two seasons ago - but the team fought back. No Ibo against FB, Sivas or not. (A red card foul? That???????)

It's all Ilhan today.
Extra. (R) Hasan on his first.

UEFA Cup 1st-rd draw: Gaziantepspor - Hapoel Tel Aviv
1st leg on Sept.24 (H), 2nd leg on Oct.15. The return leg will be very likely played away from Israel.
(Pre-drawn to the following: Parma, Bor.Dortmund, Rosenborg, Sporting Lisbon, Hapoel Tel Aviv, Auxerre, Red Star, Utrecht.)

About the team. Everyone seems to be fit except Preko. Likely: Ömer; Mehmet P., Ibrahim, Bouazizi; Ilhan, Erdal (Lazarov), Johnson, Devran, Bülent; Jaziri, Hasan &uOuml;zer.

Ömer is on the list for Turkey against Liechtenstein and Rep.of Ireland. Ibrahim, along with Ilhan and Erdal, will make a trip to Viseu for the crucial Euro U-21 encounter vs.Portugal.

Fenerbahçe is apparently seeking to play the Sept.14 game in Sivas.

I don't know why I've nothing else to write, but here's one man smiling.

Fenerbahçe received a one-match stadium ban -- which is against Antepspor.

08-25-2003 Our new neighbours ..........

It will be a hot, final week of August.
Genclerbirligi 1-0 Antepspor (26.Youla)
Ömer; Ibrahim, Mehmet, Bouazizi; Ilhan, Johnson (69.Preko), Erdal, Cem, Bülent; Lazarov (69.Hasan Özer), Jaziri.
(Y: Jaziri, Mehmet, Bouazizi) (subs: Murat, Hüseyin, Hasan Yurt, Sevki, Bekir)
(Only two teams trail us in the table with zero point.)

Good for the City, which has Süreyya to watch instead...

Team moving to Ankara today. But because they won't make the day's last flight Sunday, players will instead take an overnight bus back home. Nuri and Erhan got it lucky.

Hasan Özer aims for a goal against Genclerbirligi.
Expected: Ömer, Bouazizi, Mehmet Polat, Ibrahim Toraman, Bülent, Cem Baki, Ilhan (Sevki), Johnson, Lazarov, Jaziri, Hasan Özer.

(Thanx Mehmet for sharing us with this beautiful picture taken in Germany. Words are not enough.)

08-22-2003 No particular news.
Ilhan slightly injured his thigh during the U-21 match.

(No.19 on cap No.6)

08-20-2003 (Wed)
Friendly: Turkey 2-0 Moldova.
No sweat displays by Omer (playing last 3 minutes + added time) and Ibrahim (from min.63), though it's significant that the latter swapped positions straight with Bulent.

Back in Gaziantep today ...

U-21 Turkey 1-0 Moldova.
Ilhan played for the first half (in MF). Erdal, from min.56 (an assist to Hamit A.'s goal).

feelin' good Alper will be a Fenerbahce player (on loan) for the whole 2003-2004 season.

Apparently, some Antep players are enjoying Ankara's "cool" weather this week.

bouazizi(c)tnn_net Er... next time. (GS's second goal, following the Bouazizi-Sas scuffle was offside, but the ref. let it stand.)

Week 2: Antepspor 1-2 Galatasaray (64.Mehmet) (75.Hasan Sas, 83.Lukunku)
Ömer xxx; Ibrahim xx, Mehmet xx, Bouazizi xx; lhan xx, Lazarov xx (76. Preko x), Cem xx (69. Erhan Namli ?), Johnson xxx, Bülent xx (83. Hasan Özer ?), Erdal xxx, Jaziri xx
Y: Erhan Namli 71. R: 63.Bülent K., 81.Erhan Namli (2nd Y.) (subs: Murat, Alper, Hasan Yurt, Sevki)

An extraordinary quick job by the GS site staff. 1-0 Mehmet (490KB): wmv. Other clips at:
Clips from "Maraton": Match, Post match.

...and Alper. We lost him. He will be loaned to Fener until the end of the year.

Past schedule:
08-09(Sat) 19:00 - Bursaspor (A)
08-17(Sun) 19:00 - Galatasaray (H)
08-19(Tue) 18:00 - Turkey-Moldova (U-21)
08-20(Wed) 20:00 - Turkey-Moldova (friendly)

08-24(Sun) 19:00 - Genclerbirligi (A)
08-29(Fri) UEFA Cup draw
08-30(Sat) 19:00 - Konyaspor (H)
09-05 (Fri) 23:15 Portugal - Turkey (U-21)
09-06 (Sat) 21:00 Liechtenstein - Turkey
09-09 (Tue) 21:30 Ireland - Turkey
09-10 (Wed) 20:00 Turkey - Australia (U-21)