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Major problem. Tickets are no longer available at the window. What's going on..? (Hapoel decided not to sell tickets for "away" supporters.)

Charter left for Rotterdam (via Schipol) at 9:40am. About 140 people on board, including 20 players. Hasan Ozer (injured) and Mehmet Polat (...) didn't travel.

10-11-2003 (Sat)
Euro qualifier: Turkey 0-0 England
No Gaziantep players were involved. (Omer on the bench.)

Friendly: Tunisia 0-0 Morocco.
Only Jaziri made appearance in the last 45 minutes.

Another friendly: Antepspor 7-2 Gaskispor
(1H: Mehmet Polat, o.g., Preko, Onur, 2H: Erdal x3)

Euro U-21 qualifier: Turkey 1-0 England
(2.Fatih Sonkaya)
Turkey, already qualified for the playoffs as group winner, completed the campaign with yet another victory. Special note on Ibrahim who played in all of the eight qualifiers (7-1-0) without missing a minute. Erdal and Ilhan observed the match from the stand.

International friendly: Tunisia 0-1 Japan
(Jaziri played for 90 minutes on the right wing. Bouazizi replaced Ben Achour in defense at 75th.)

10-05-2003 (Sun)
Antepspor 2-0 Caykur Rize (8., 83.Lazarov)
Omer; Ilhan, Ibrahim, Bouazizi, Bulent; Devran, Hasan Yurt (78.Nuri), Cem Baki, Erhan Namli (56.Preko); Lazarov, Hasan Ozer (54.Erdal).
(Y: Ilhan) (subs: Kaya, Kerem, Huseyin, Sevki)

With 13 points, we're back in the upper half of the table.
video clip

Players from Gaziantep for Turkey-England:
Senior squad: Omer Catkic. U-21: Erdal, Ilhan, Ibrahim.

Johnson and Mehmet Polat still failed to train and will likely miss the C.Rize match. It will be live on LigTV.

Ticket info for the Hapoel Tel Aviv - Antepspor match announced: Sparta Rotterdam. 18 euro for the away section (West Tribune). Sales started the same day.

09-28-2003 (Sun)
Akcaabat 1-2 Antepspor (26.Muzaffer)(39.Ibrahim, 60.Hasan Öser)
Team won the points that it needed. Both goals into an empty net. Antepspor is now tied to 9th place with 10 points. Jaziri won team's 3rd red in 7 matches.

Ömer; Ibrahim, Bouazizi (29.Devran), Hasan Yurt; Ilhan, Lazarov, Johnson (48.Bülent), Cem Baki, Erhan Namli; Hasan Özer (82.Mustafa Sahinturk), Jaziri.
(Y: Cem Baki, Ilhan) (subs: Kaya, Kerem, Erdal, Preko)
Red: 76.Jaziri

Mehmet Polat was dropped from the squad for Akçaabat. Hasan Özer and Nuri's fitness will be known on Sunday.

Hasan Yurt celebrating his first start since .... when?

(...last March)

09-24-2003 (Wed)
UEFA Cup (1st rd., 1st leg):
Antepspor 1-0 Hapoel Tel Aviv (87.Hasan Özer)
Ömer; Ibrahim, Bouazizi, Hasan Yurt; Ilhan, Devran (76.Erdal), Cem, Johnson, Jaziri; Lazarov (65.Preko), Hasan Özer (90.Kerem)
(Y: Bouazizi, Lazarov, Erdal)
Though by a minimum margin, we won deservedly.

Top page!

(Milliyet Spor)

09-20-2003 (Sat)
Antepspor 1-0 Adanaspor (29.Hasan Özer)
Ömer; Ibrahim, Bouazizi, Mehmet Polat, Ilhan, Johnson, Cem Baki (46.Preko), Erdal (44.Devran); Lazarov (87.Hasan Yurt), Hasan Özer.
(Y: Mehmet, Devran) (subs: Kaya, Kerem, Onur, Erhan Namli)
"We didn't play well, but got the result we needed."

After an appeal, Ömer's suspension has been lifted. There's justice.

Jaziri, Bülent, and Mehmet Polat remain sideleined. Bouazizi rejoined training. Polat's conditions will be known on the macth day. Hasan Yurt stands by.

Ömer received one-match ban from PFDK because of the comment he made after the FB match. There's this pattern this season.

Training sessions for the Adana match begin.

(This pic doesn't look very new...)

After the bitter defeat, more pains: Team is not in a great shape. Bouazizi - didn't break a bone, but very difficult against Adana. Bulent - thigh muscle, uncertain against Adana. Jaziri - aching rib bones. Ibrahim - diagnosis on Tuesday. Omer - PFDK??? Why?

...And the result: Fener 3-1 team (vHooijdonk, Tuncay, Yusuf) (47.Lazarov)
Ömer; Ilhan, Bouazizi (72.Bekir), M.Polat, Nuri; Devran (83.Jaziri), Johnson, Erdal (73.Erhan Namli), Cem Baki; Lazarov, Hasan Özer.
(subs: Kaya, Kerem, Hasan Yurt, Preko) (Y: Erdal, Cem Baki, Omer, Lazarov, Nuri, Mehmet Polat)
We did OK for 75 minutes going ahead with Lazarov's header, then vH "fri-kikked" past Ömer and Antep defense crumbled. We NEED a victory over Adana next week to catch up with ... Adana.

25-minute video (Second half, 95Kbps, WMP). Watch and judge.

Ibrahim is off today and in Sivas this week. Here, in "his" NetCafe.

By the way, the pic was posted at the TNN Net at 12:20 TSI. It's been ranked No.1 all day, even after midnight. Why? Neden? It never happens with Gaziantep newspaper sites.

....Err, Fener match? We're 1-2-14 there as long as the history goes.

Past schedule:
09-14 (Sun) 19:00 - Fenerbahçe (A)
09-20 (Sat) 19:00 - Adanaspor (H)
09-24 (Wed) 20:00 [UEFA] - Hapoel Tel Aviv (H)
09-28 (Sun) 16:00 - Akçabaat (A)
10-05 (Sun) 19:00 - Ç.Rize (H)
10-10 (Fri) 18:00 [Euro U-21] Turkey - England
10-11 (Sat) 20:00 [Euro qual.] Turkey - England