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Hakan Bayraktar, released from Fenerbahce, signed with Gaziantep for 1.5 years (In the player's absence, his parents acted as agents.). It's a retour after 2 1/5 years.

Yusuf Simsek is still talking with several clubs.

Strange. Hasan Ozer talked with Celal Dogan and told he wanted to stay. Dogan said, "You can." He will wear red-and-black in the second half.

Not what he says, but what his friends say. (No secret, though.)

"First aim is to become a fixture in the national team. I'm indifferent on which of the three to play for. Messrs.Dogan and Atmaz will have the last words." "There will be 10K Sivasli to root for me in Istanbul."

Players to join the Antalya camp from Buyuksehir Belediyespor are Mehmet Kara (FW), Ahmet Burak (MF), and Vahap (DF).

It looks other than the widely-quoted three (MP, MS, HO), Huseyin and Cem Baki have been told to find a club. Club says Preko has agreed with Halmstad (Sweden).

Club announced that Mehmet Polat, Mustafa Sahinturk, Huseyin, and Hasan Ozer will part ways.

Other names tipped to leave are Nuri and Cem Baki. Club says it will acquire 3-4 new players. Who will fill the (already existing) holes in defense with Bouazizi absent? (Not to mention Bulent is out against Bursa, Ibrahim a card away before GS and GB matches...)

Julio Cesar will be joining Samsunspor in January.

Tunisia FA announced its 28-member roster for the African Nations Cup finals (Jan.24 to Feb.14 in Tunisia). Only two from Turkey. Bouazizi and Jaziri will participate in the preparations camp that starts Dec.28.

12-21-2003 (Sun)
Diyarbakirspor 2-1 Gaziantepspor (48.Murat H., 51.Kais -pk-) (29.Jaziri)
Team: Omer; Hasan Yurt, Mehmet, Bouazizi; Ilhan, Sevki (80.Nuri), Johnson, Erhan Namli (65.Erdal), Bulent; Hasan Ozer, Jaziri (41.Mustafa).
(Y: Bulent, Hasan Yurt, Bouazizi) (subs: Murat, Cem Baki, Bekir, Huseyin)

Good-bye, 'til 4th week of January.
(Bulent to be suspended. Bouazizi and Jaziri will be gone well into February -- with the Tunisia national team)

12-17-2003 (Wed)
Turkish Cup 2nd-rd:
Akcaabat Sebatspor 0-3 Gaziantepspor (25.&29.Jaziri, 69.Lazarov -pk-)
Omer; Hasan Yurt, Bouazizi, Mehmet; Ilhan, Devran, Johnson, Erhan (72.Bekir), Bulent (46.Cem); Jaziri (66.Mustafa), Lazarov.
(Y: Mehmet)(subs: Murat, Sevki, Erdal, Huseyin)

Players managed to get to Akcaabat the day before despite the airport closure at Gaziantep. Thankfully, there was a flight from IST to GZT on their way back. One more away game on Sunday.
Ibrahim didn't travel with the team. Will be out of Diyarbakir squad. Lazarov, suspended for Sunday, left for holidays direct from IST.

12-13-2003 (Sat)
Gaziantepspor 3-1 Elazigspor (15.Lazarov -pk-, 46.Hasan Özer, 90 Hasan Yurt) (21.Yunus)

Gaziantep: Ömer; Mehmet Polat, Ibrahim (80.Hasan Yurt),Bouazizi; Ilhan, Hüseyin (46.Hasan Özer), Johnson, Erhan (71.Devran), Bülent; Jaziri, Lazarov.
(subs: Kaya, Sevki, Erdal, Mustafa) (Y: Jaziri, Lazarov)

Though against a bottom-of-the-table team, it was a difficult tie under a congested schedule. Ilhan won a penalty, but immediately conceded a tying goal (another back-pass...). Hasan Ozer volleyed home as soon as landing on the pitch and another Hasan (an honour goes for substituting Ibrahim) made it 3-1 in the added time.
Marangos and Halit started for Elazig, though didn't last 'til the end (as usual...).
(above) Is this Antep? (left) This is more like it - slightly.

UEFA Cup 3rd-rd draw: Gaziantep - AS Roma
Totti is coming to Gaziantep! (or is he?)
First leg on Feb.26 at Kamil Ocak. Return in Olimpico on March 3. Smile on the faces of Dogan and Mamatoglu - must be wondering whether to spend or not. A great occasion for defenders, if nothing else, to prove their worth against Serie A leaders.

"Sorteggio benevolo" - grazie, Capello.

Milliyet - along with Fanatik - is conducting Athlete of the Year poll (its 50th year). Being nominated: Trainer of the Year - Nurullah Saglam, Footballer of the Year - Ibrahim Toraman, Sports Personality of the Year - Celal Dogan. To vote:

12-06-2003 (Sat)
Trabzon 3-0 Gaziantep (3.Gökdeniz, 70.Ibrahim Ege, 75.Mehmet Yilmaz)
Team: Ömer; Mehmet, Ibrahim, Bouazizi (72.Hasan Özer); Ilhan, Devran (58.Hüseyin), Johnson, Erhan Namli (68.Mustafa S.), Bülent; Lazarov, Jaziri.
(Y: Mehmet, Ibrahim, Johnson, Lazarov, Mustafa) (subs: Kaya, Sevki, Erdal, Hasan Yurt)

3m indirect FK called in the 2nd minute and it was downhill from there. Our record in Avni Aker is 1-2-15 now.

Gaziantepspor will meet Akçaabat Sebatspor (away) in the second round of Turkish Cup.

11-30-2003 (Sun)
Gaziantep 2-1 Istanbulspor (58.Lazarov, 80.Bulent) (67.Yordanov -pk-)
Team: Ömer; Ibrahim, Bouazizi, Bülent, Ilhan, Johnson, Hüseyin (86.Cem Baki), Erhan Namli (69.Jaziri), Erdal (46.Hasan Yurt); Lazarov, Hasan Özer
(subs: Murat, Sevki, Bekir, Mustafa Sahinturk) (Y: Bulent)

Zaman's Behram Kilic traveled with the team to Lens and published this interview:
Ibrahim Toraman: Biz varken Turk futbolu geriye gitmez
(Translation link expired :))

Back to the Gaziantep airport at 04:30.

11-27-2003 (Thu)
Happy Bayram!

UEFA Cup (2nd-rd 2nd-leg): RC Lens 1-3 Gaziantepspor
(73.o.g.Bouazizi)(40.Bulent, 55.Erhan, 85.Lazarov -pk-) (1-6 on agg.)
Team: Omer; Bouazizi, Ibrahim Toraman (78.Sevki), Mehmet; Ilhan, Devran (33.Huseyin), Johnson, Erhan (87.Hasan Ozer), Bulent; Lazarov, Jaziri.
(Y: Ibrahim, Mehmet, Sevki)
(subs: Kaya, Cem Baki,Bekir, Hasan Yurt)

Draw for the third round (2/26 & 3/3) is on Dec.12.
Team comes back early in the morning.

Departure to Lille. Nuri and Preko couldn't join.

Malatyaspor 0-0 Gaziantepspor
Gaziantep: Ömer; Mehmet Polat (46.Bouazizi), Ibrahim, Bülent; Ilhan, Devran, Johnson, Erhan Namli, Nuri (70.Mustafa S.); Lazarov, Hasan Özer (83.Jaziri.
(subs: Kaya, Sevki, Erdal, Hasan Yurt) (Y: Erhan Namli, Nuri, Mehmet, Devran, Bülent)
The home side missed "10 net goal positions" and dropped points there first time this season. Given that 7 players were on national team duties this week, the result wasn't very bad.
Mehmet Polat will be suspended next week.

Ömer 2-2 Latvia.
Two days in a row.

Euro U-21 playoff, 2nd leg: Turkey 1-1 Germany
Turkey lost the playoff due to an extra-time equalizer following a dubious foul call.

Ilhan started, but was replaced at 60th. Ibrahim will switch to another playoff - though not likely to stand on the pitch - tomorrow.

S.Korea 0-1 Bulgaria
Lazarov played for 90 minutes, providing an assist, in Seoul.

11-15-2003 (Sat)
Euro 2004 Playoff (1st-leg): Latvia 1-0 Turkey
News: Rustu received his second yellow card and has to sit for the return leg. May all the luck be with our 'keeper...

Friendly: Gaziantepspor 4-1 Adanaspor (Preko, Sevki, Nuri, Cem Baki)

Turkey's U-21 team returned home. Report says Ibrahim played the first leg with pain killer. Another U-21 tie-breaker before Malatya (A), Lens (A), Istanbulspor, and Trabzon (A). Panick strikes...

U-21 Euro playoff: Germany 1-0 Turkey
Ilhan made it to the bench, but didn't play. Big question.

Lazarov has been named for Bulgaria national team, already qualified for Euro 2004. That's good. Not so good: their friendly will be held on Nov.18 in S.Korea.

11-09-2003 (Sun)
Gaziantep 1-2 Denizlispor
Gaziantep: Ömer; Mehmet Polat (37.Hüseyin), Ibrahim, Bouazizi (75.Preko); Ilhan, Erhan Namli, Johnson, Devran (62.Erdal), Bülent; Jaziri, Lazarov.
(subs: Kaya, Nuri, Sevki, Hasan Yurt) (Y: Lazarov)
We lost at home. Team didn't have legs after 60 minutes.

No changes in national team callups.

11-06-2003 (Thu)
Big Surprize!

UEFA Cup 2nd-rd 1st leg:
Gaziantepspor 3-0 RC Lens (Dk. 43 Devran, Dk. 60 Bouazizi, Dk. 65 Lazarov)
Gaziantepspor: Omer; Ibrahim, Bouazizi, Mehmet (64.Huseyin); Ilhan, Devran, Johnson, Bulent, Erhan (80.Erdal); Lazarov, Jaziri (89.Hasan Ozer)
(Johnson missed a penalty on 15th. No yellow cards for Antep.)

Can we celebrate......?

11-04-2003 (Tue)
The Lens match will kick-off at 18:00.

11-01-2003 (Sat)
Ankaragucu 1-4 Gaziantepspor (44.Yilmaz -pen-) (2,47,86.Lazarov, 30.Jaziri)
Omer; Bouazizi, Mehmet, Ibrahim; Ilhan, Devran, Johnson, Erhan Namli, Nuri (70.Bulent), Lazarov (88.Preko), Jaziri (72.Hasan Ozer).
(Y: Ibrahim) (subs: Kaya, Sevki, Preko, Erdal, Hasan Yurt)
A convincing win in the Ankara Mayis 19 Stadium. The score could have been much bigger, though the team's defense was hardly impressive.

Cem Baki and Huseyin were dropped from the squad.

10-31-2003 (Fri)
Trip to Ankara in the morning. Team will return after the match and start preparing for the UEFA Cup.

10-26-2003 (Sun)
Gaziantep 0-3 Besiktas (4, 22.Ilhan Mansiz, 58.Tumer)
Omer; Ibrahim, Bouazizi, Devran (46.Nuri); Ilhan, Johnson, Erdal (74.Huseyin), Bulent, Cem Baki (31.Hasan Ozer); Lazarov, Jaziri.
(Y: -) (subs: Kaya, Nuri, Preko, Erhan, Hasan Yurt)

Defeated at home by Besiktas for the first time in 12 years (in the league). But why not? Luce's Besiktas was the far better side.

10-19-2003 (Sun)
Samsun 1-2 Antepspor (22.Evren) (57, 78 Jaziri)
Team: Omer; Ibrahim, Bouazizi, Bulent (58.Nuri), Ilhan, Devran, (74.Erhan Namili), Johnson, Erdal, Cem Baki (38. Jaziri), Preko, Lazarov.
(Y: Devran, Jaziri) (subs: Kaya, Kerem, Huseyin, Hasan Yurt)

Samsun's Celil kicked himself out at 33rd and the Team took the control of the game. Too bad, plane tickets back home were too expensive.

UEFA Cup 2nd-rd draw: Gaziantepspor - RC Lens
official site
8th in the league last season. 11th this season after 9 matches (13 pts, 4-1-4 G.D.-6).

Team landed in Samsun at night.

November schedule updated... Let's hope players will survive it all.

More fotos
Happy birthday!           In-flight bargaining


0-0. Congrats!

We made a history.

Some other pix: Süpersin Antep !..

UEFA Cup 1st-rd 2nd-leg (at Rotterdam):
Hapoel Tel Aviv 0-0 Antepspor (0-1 on agg.)
Ömer (Happy birthday!); Ibrahim, Bouazizi, Johnson; Ilhan, Devran, Erdal (85.Hüseyin), Cem Baki (74.Hasan Yurt), Bülent; Lazarov, Jaziri (81.Preko).
(Y: Ibrahim) (subs: Kaya, Kerem, Nuri, Erhan)

There were about 500 "home" supporters and around 2,500 Turks in the 12,000-seat stadium.


Haydi Antep!

__from fans all over the world__

Past schedule:
10-15 (Wed) 18:00 [UEFA] - Hapoel Tel Aviv
(A, Rotterdam - 17:00 local)
10-17 (Fri) UEFA Cup draw
10-19 (Sun) 19:00 - Samsun (A)
10-26 (Sun) 19:00 - Besiktas (H)

11-01 (Sat) 19:00 - Ankaragucu (A)
11-06 (Thu) UEFA Cup 1.leg: 18:00 - Lens (H)
11-09 (Sun) 13:30 - Denizlispor (H)
11-14 (Fri) 21:30 Germany - Turkey (U-21)
11-15 (Sat) 20:15 Latvia - Turkey
11-18 (Tue) 20:30 Turkey - Germany (U-21)
11-19 (Wed) 20:30 Turkey - Latvia
11-22 (Sat) 13:30 - Maltyaspor (A)
11-27 (Thu) UEFA Cup 2.leg: 18:30 (19:30 TSI) - Lens (A)
11-30 (Sun) 13:30 - Istanbulspor (H)

12-06 (Sat) 19:00 - Trabzon (A)
12-12 (Fri) UEFA Cup 3rd-rd draw
12-13 (Sat) 13:30 - Elazig (H)
12-17 (Wed) Turkish Cup: 13:00 Akcaabat (A)
12-21 (Sun) 13:30 - Diyarbakir (A)
-- Winter Break --