I0CG Home page

My name is Giuliano

My QTH (where i live) is Cittaducale, a little town near RIETI  ITALY (80 Km from ROME)

I am amateur radio and member of ARI (Amateur Radio society of Italy) since 1965.

Electronics is my primary Hobby and Work; my work is in Alcatel in the Wireless Transmission Division.

This is my house


My Radio station


My hombrew transceiver with Digital DDS VFO (see project page)

See the Transceiver software description (Programmed PIC available for free ( only cost of an empty PIC) )

See documentations SDR SW 3.3

This software can be used to control all functions of a traditional TRX, or a Direct conversion TRX or an Software Defined Radio (SDR) TRX


My Radio station:

73 to all Amateur Radio

Giuliano I0cg