I decided to try for you some popular and free programs. They all are free, but there is a big difference between freeware and GPL license. A freeware software is released under a copyright, and you commit an offence if  you change its source code. A GPL software means you can change, modify and sell a new your own version with no restriction.




Producer: Zonelabs

Licence: Freeware

Download: www.zonelabs.com

Dimension: 5,5 mb

Language: English, French, German, Spanish.

If you surf a lot the Internet or you have a static IP you really need a good firewall. This program is quite easy to use and complete, I think. An Italian version is not yet available. Sometime it has "misunderstandigs" with Eudora!




Producer: Grisoft

Licence: Freeware

Download: www.grisoft.com

Dimension: 7,2 mb

Lingua: English

There are not a always sure antivirus. Maybe you spent a lot of money and anyway you MBR is dead and gone because of a virus... So it's better don't pay, when AVG it's old you uninstall it and you download the latest version (there is also a upgrading routine)



Producer: Astonsoft

Licence: Freeware

Download: www.deepburner.com

Dimension: 2,7 mb

Language: also Italian!

As good as commercial softwares like Nero Burning, it's really easy in all its options and you can also create audio cd from MP3 files.




Producer: Mozilla corporation.

Licence: GPL

Download: www.mozilla.org

Dimension: 12 mb

Language: Italian, English

That's the best way to say stop to all the virus you can have from Internet Explorer or Outlook. This is a good browser and it also has a good email client. You can also have the two programs divided, the browser is called Firefox and the email client Thunderbird.




Producer: OpenOffice.org

Licence: GPL

Download: www.openoffice.org

Dimension: 64 mb

Language: Only 30 more or less at the moment... Of course available all the European languages, and some from Asia like Laotian and Hindi.

Better than Microsoft Office and free!!! It has its own extention but it supports all the Office ones (doc, pps, xls and go on..)  Last year I wrote a part of its Italian Thesaurus, it was a good experience to know the open source world. There are a lot of programs like this, 'cos free software it's also based on volunteers' work! We need also your help!!!