A new barbaric invasion reached Ireland between July 5th and 25th 2004. Italian police, Irish Garda and of course antimafia department don't know it, but Mossad's agents discovered something, because of a mistake of one of us. These are the protagonists.

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 Pravda - Man, he is 19, just moved in Bologna to attend Northern Languages and Strange Idioms at university .

Drinks more than the Serious, always eats pork kebab, he is still waiting for a SMS from Fiona.

The Serious Man is 16 and lives in Milano. He attends "liceo classico" but sometimes repeats Hungarian declination

 If you give him your email address, he will check if you have new mails....

 Ganjalf is 17 and lives in Monza. Attends "liceo classico", really good basketball and rugby player, keen on celtic crosses.

Do you need a Guinnes? He has it, just from the fridge of the McCarty family!

The Man from the Great North was born and lives in Reggio Calabria, but he is a Finnish citizen. Pillu!

He can be what he wants, he has the Cat, fat, white, like Spectre's one. If he says you Ti mino a mare, run away is better.

 The Ignorant one lives in Modena, he is called Pietro, his nick is Tom. He attends a scientific school, you will understand it!

Maybe he'd like to explain you the difference between fermionic and bosonic dimensions... take your notepad!

 The Short one is a Ignorant's schoolmate, but he can't remember Fermat's last theorem.

198 cm tall, is nearly a dwarf...but really can sing Another Brick in the Wall very well with the Serious one.

 Furious is 15 and lives in Austria but she took more photos than a crazy Japanese.

Sometimes she puts strange photos on her website. She is always with or near Fast.

 Fast is 15 and lives in Austria, but she took more photos than a crazy Japanese.

Sometimes she puts strange photos on her website, never more than 30 metres far from Furious. Probably they're in a Wi-Fi connection....

 Klari lives in Hungary in Gödöllő, (pronunce Gheudeulo.) She always listens to Alvin es a mokusok, the best Hungarian punk band!

She speaks english very well (jň tanulň!), writes SMS in italian, always says good (in english!) about everyone. Don't try to read SMS on her mobile... it's a suicide!

 Matteo lives in Roma and is 16. Discusses about astrophysic with the Ignorant one. Listens to Iron Maiden and Gammaray.

Sometimes he destroys jukebox and kills people in Abrakebabra.

The biggest thanx to Fast&Furious ( www.fast-and-furious.at.tt ) for all these photos.  Bis bald, Kathi und Tami ;-)

If you are in Dublin, you should go to the fantastic pub called Pravda, 35, Liffey street. At the number 38, in the same road you can find Momo's kebab; the owner of that, armed and haired, will get angry if you ask to have a pork kebab.