The Wondrous WASP presents: the Berefts List

BEREFTS: people with two eyes but only one good (or similar). Usually are very ugly guys, dont you think?

  1. Ahab
  2. Astronomer     (of the Elders of the Universe)
  3. Athos (Elektra's father bodyguard)
  4. Black Patch    (Isbisa's lackey, Toro and Namor's enemy)
  5. Cable          (but not Stryfe)
  6. Callisto (of the Morlocks, for a while Masque gifted her beauty and another eye)
  7. Captain Barracuda
  8. Rufus Carter   (of the CIA, Shang-Chi friend)
  9. Colonel Klegg  (Machine Man foe)
  10. Colonel Vashin (the Sovietic counterpart of Nick Fury)
  11. Commander Kraken (Hulk foe)
  12. Doc Croc       (Excalibur foe)
  13. Darklore       (mystic, Warlock's friend)
  14. Face           (Colonel Eisen, old Captain America's enemy)
  15. Flying Dutchman Ghost (Silver Surfer foe)
  16. Gabriel        (the Exorcist)
  17. Gauntlet       (I, Alfredo)
  18. Jason          (of the Pantheon)
  19. Khartaeen' royal guard (fought Thanos)
  20. Kogar          (Shang-Chi foe)
  21. Korvac         (deceased, transformed, deceased, un-deceased)
  22. (*) Monocle    (both the eyes should be good)
  23. Leviathan      (terrorist, Nick Fury foe)
  24. Marie D'Ancanto (who tried to kill the mutants at a Lila Cheney's concert)
  25. Needle         (Spider-Woman foe)
  26. Nick Fury
  27. Occulus        (F4 foe)
  28. (*) Odin       (it depends)
  29. Prisoner with the beard in the Cage (Wolverine Vol.2 #164)
  30. Prisoner in the Cage who tried to kill Hank Mc Coy (W2 164)
  31. (*) Quasimodo  (he's not human)
  32. Raza           (of the StarJammers)
  33. Razorfist IV   (killed by Zaran in Madripoor)
  34. Reverend Richards (father of Larry)
  35. Nathaniel Richards
  36. Sickle II      (Nickolai Vronsky affiliated to Hammer III
  37. Warrant II     (Iron Fist enemy)
  38. Wolverine      (after his meeting with Mauvais)
  39. Zorba          (deceased)

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