The Wondrous WASP presents: the Carbon Copies List

CARBON COPIES (characters who are clones of somebody, cloned by somebody other):


    The Clone

    The Original


    The Doctor


    Adolf Hitler. 

    Arnim Zola.

  2. Dr. Doom's Son. Deceased, he had the powers of all the Fantastic Four.

    Victor Von Doom. 

    Dr. Doom.

  3. Arnim Zola.

    Arnim Zola. 

    Arnim Zola.

  4. Gwen Stacy.

    Gwen Stacy.  Deceased. Peter Parker's ex-girlfriend.

    Miles Warren. Also known as the Jackal, in love for Gwen Stacy.

  5. Kaine. The only Peter Parker's clone still alive.

    Peter Parker. Spider-Man.

    Miles Warren.

  6. Ben Reilly. Also known as the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man.

    Peter Parker. 

    Miles Warren.

  7. Phoenix II. The Phoenix Force in human form.

    Jean Grey. He accepted to be the "prototype" for the Phoenix Force to save Scott and the X-Men.

    The Phoenix Force.

  8. Madelyne Prior. The Phoenix Force transferred in her body, when Phoenix committed suicide on the moon.

    Jean Grey. 

    Mr. Sinister.

  9. Red Skull. After one of his deaths.

    Steve Rogers. Captain America.

    Arnim Zola.

  10. Jackal and Miles Warren(s).

    Miles Warren. 

    Miles Warren.

  11. Jack and Brother.

    Peter Parker. 

    Miles Warren.

  12. Spidercide and Spider-Men.

    Peter Parker. 

    Miles Warren.

  13. Gwen Stacy(s).

    Gwen Stacy. 

    Miles Warren.

  14. Lady Dorma.

    Lady Dorma. 


  15. Atlanteans clones.



  16. Professor Xavier. After he was infected by a Brood egg.

    Professor Xavier. 

    Sikorsky. Of the Star Jammers.

  17. Riptide. After he was killed by Colossus.

    Riptide. Janos Quested of the Marauders.

    Mr. Sinister.

  18. Prism. Cloned any times.

    Prism. Of the Marauders.

    Mr. Sinister.

  19. Blockbuster IV. Cloned many times.

    Blockbuster IV. Of the Marauders.

    Mr. Sinister.

  20. Scrambler.

    Scrambler. Of the Marauders.

    Mr. Sinister.

  21. Arclight.

    Arclight. Of the Marauders.

    Mr. Sinister.

  22. Scalphunter.

    Scaphunter. Of the Marauders.

    Mr. Sinister.

  23. Stryfe. Leader of the Mutant Liberation Front and creator of the Legacy Virus.

    Cable. Nathan Dayspring Askani'son.

    Apocalypse. En Sabah Nur.

  24. Maelstrom and his minions: Phobius, Helio and Gronk.

    Maelstrom and his minions. 

    Maelstrom. Son of a Deviant and an Inhuman.

  25. The Beyonder.

    Steve Rogers. 

    The Beyonder.

  26. Moondragon.

    Moondragon. Heather Douglas.

    The Titans.

  27. Namorita.

    Namora. Namorita's "Mother".


  28. Selbe.

    Pernell Solomon. 

    Taskmaster's Lab.

  29. The Fantastic Four. Cloned to be evil.

    The Fantastic Four. 

    Aron. Of the Watchers Race.

  30. The Replicoid.

    Thor. God of Thunder and Odin's son.

    The Celestials.

  31. Joseph.

    Magneto. Eric Magnus Lensherr.

    Astra I.

  32. Sabretooth.


    Mr. Sinister.

  33. Cyclops.


    The Brood.

  34. Storm.


    The Brood.

  35. Ariel.


    The Brood.

  36. Wolverine.


    The Brood.

  37. Colossus.


    The Brood.

  38. Vamp-Animus.


    Arnim Zola.

  39. Basilisk, Ben and "May", Bird-Man, Bucky, Cheetah, Cyclone, Egghead, Gwen 1, Gwen 2, Gwen 3, Gwen 4, Kangaroo, Mirage, Porcupine, Red Raven, Ringer, Turner D. Century, Whizzer,

    A lot of deads. 

    Arnim Zola.

  40. Vakume, Hydron, Brutacus, Reptilla, Thornn of the Salem's Seven.

    Salem's Seven. 

    Arnim Zola.

  41. Persephone.



  42. Shang Chi.

    Shang Chi. 

    Fu Manchu.

  43. Juvan, Nobilus and Zon.

    ??? and Thor. 

    The High Evolutionary.

  44. Thanos and the Thanosi: Mystic, X, Omega, Warrior, Armour and all the others.

    Thanos and many heroes: Doctor Strange, Professor Xavier, Gladiator, Wolverine, Galactus(?) and many others. 

    Thanos the Mad Titan.

  45. Guardian. James McDonald Hudson until the age of 19.

    Guardian. James McDonald Hudson. 

    Department H.

  46. Frankie and Victoria. Venom hunters, and possibly host for the symbiote.

    Frankie? and Victoria?.  


  47. Mondo. Of Generation-X for a while, deceased.

    Mondo. Who never met Gen-X before fighting them. 

    Black Tom Cassidy?.

  48. ROM

    ROM the Spaceknight. Galadorian warrior who protected the Earth from the Dire Wraiths. 


  49. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner. Brilliant scientist who invented the Gamma Bomb and is also the Incredible Hulk. 


  50. Betty Banner

    Elizabeth Ross Banner. Daughter of General "Thunderbolt" Ross, widow of Glenn Talbot, wife of Bruce Banner. Once was Harpy.


  51. Demi-God, of Strike Force One.

    Hercules. Son of Zeus. In the Avengers, Champions and Heroes for Hire.

    The Master of the World.

  52. Errant Knight, of Strike Force One. 

    Black Knight IV. Dane Whitman of the Avengers and Heroes for Hire.

    The Master of the World.

  53. She-Cat, of Strike Force One. 

    White Tiger II. Evoluted tiger of the High Evolutionary. Also in the Heroes for Hire.

    The Master of the World.

  54. Stinger IV, of Strike Force One. 

    Ant-Man II. Scott Lang of the Heroes for Hire.

    The Master of the World.

  55. Dragonfist, of Strike Force One. 

    Iron Fist. Daniel Rand of the Heroes for Hire.

    The Master of the World.

  56. Behemot, of Strike Force one. 

    Hulk. Bruce Banner, of the Avengers, Defenders and Heroes for Hire.

    The Master of the World.

  57. Amazon I, of Strike Force One. 

    She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters, of the Avengers, Fantastic Four and Heroes for Hire.

    The Master of the World.

  58. Ramonda, helped and was killed by Achebe. 

    Ramonda, second wife of T'Chaka.


  59. Widdle Wade, killer and Deadpool enemy. 

    Deadpool, the killer with a big mouth.

    Boss's scientists.

  60. Alpha Primitives, Inhuman slaves.


    Avadar. Inhuman scientist.

  61. Phaeder, created to cheat Agon and the other Inhumans.


    Phaeder, Inhuman genetist and Maelstrom's father.

  62. Annihilus, two clones.

    Annihilus, Fantastic Four enemy.



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