The Wondrous WASP presents: the Carrot-Hair List of the Marvel Universe

CARROT-HAIRS (red-heads, they are a lot, in the Marvel Universe)

  1. Mary Jane Watson-Parker
  2. Jean Grey-Summers
  3. Rachel Summers
  4. Glorianna (Matt Murdock's friend and Foggy Nelson's lover)
  5. Bethany Cabe
  6. Rahne Sinclaire (Wolfsbane of the New Mutants and X-Force)
  7. Angelica Jones (FireStar of the Hellions, New Warriors and Avengers)
  8. Madelyne Prior (cloned, deceased and not)
  9. Natasha Alianovna Romanoff
  10. Kristie (Mary Jane's cousin)
  11. Medusa
  12. Matt Murdock
  13. Dum Dum Dugan
  14. Arcade
  15. Mystica (a very dark red)
  16. Henry Peter Gyrich
  17. Amphibian (Supreme Squadron)
  18. Sgt. Muldoon
  19. Dr. Faustus
  20. Space Phantom
  21. Thundra
  22. Dream Weaver (allied of Dr. Strange)
  23. Hyperion (I and II)
  24. Zuras
  25. Sapphire Styx
  26. Reddy (! of Team America)
  27. Water Wizard (now Aqueduct)
  28. Roger Bochs (Box I)
  29. Lady Dorma  (deceased)
  30. Kevin O'Brian
  31. Eros (Starfox)
  32. Satana (Devil's Daughter)
  33. Pip the Troll
  34. Aurora Rabinowitz (her tears resurrected Dracula from his ashes)
  35. Tarot (dead and not)
  36. Astra II (Shi'Ar Imperial Guard Royal Elite)
  37. Hellrazor (Spider-Man and Black Panther foe, killed by Scourge)
  38. Patsy Walker (Hellcat)
  39. Virgo I (of the first Zodiac)
  40. Princess Fen
  41. Katrina Luisa Van Horn (The Man-Killer)
  42. Harpoon (of the Marauders)
  43. Discus
  44. Dakota North
  45. (*) Detective O'Reilly (dead, transformed and not she is Green-Haired)
  46. Baron Brimstone
  47. A woman of the Project: Delta
  48. Marlo Chandler
  49. Headhunter
  50. St. Elmo
  51. Diamondback
  52. Quagmire (Supreme Squadron, deceased)
  53. Cletus Kasady (Carnage)
  54. Red Queen (Crazy Gang)
  55. Cain Marko
  56. Desmond and Phoebe Marrs
  57. Crimson Ash (pyromaniac, Daredevil foe, deceased)
  58. Daimon Hellstrom (the Son of Satan)
  59. Jason Powell, Darkhawk's Brother, and their mom
  60. Clash (of Shadowforce Alpha)
  61. Eric Barron (of the hospital where Ben Reilly worked)
  62. Syryn (Theresa Cassidy)
  63. Ariel O'Hare (TV reporter, X-Factor #72)
  64. Thumbelina (Mutant Liberation Front)
  65. Strobe (Mutant Liberation Front)
  66. Carbonella (Hell's Belles)
  67. Flambe' (Hell's Belles)
  68. Frankie Raye (Nova II, deceased)
  69. White Raven
  70. Rachel (Ben Reilly colleague ath the Club Noir)
  71. Airborne (of Shadow Force)
  72. Firefight (of Shadow Force)
  73. Fabian Cortez (Acolytes)
  74. Blue Streak (killed by Scourge)
  75. Sorice (Cloud 9)
  76. Luca (Cloud 9)
  77. Static (Cloud 9)
  78. Jason (of the Pantheon)
  79. Prowler II
  80. Virako (Ikaris' father)
  81. Remnant (Sinister Squadron villain)
  82. Dominic Destine (Hex of Clan Destine)
  83. Walter Destine (Wallop of Clan Destine)
  84. Keith and Ray Chandler (Marlo Chandler's brothers)
  85. The Surgeon General (Spider-Man and Daredevil foe)
  86. Hildy Johnson (TV reporter of the DFS of Los Angeles)
  87. Bert (the technician who examined Widget)
  88. Joey and Gailyn (Sarah Grey's sons)
  89. Gladiatrix (Robbin Braxton of the Grapplers and Superia's Femizons)
  90. Caduceus (of the Young Gods)
  91. Quantum (Forces of the Universe)
  92. Dallas Riordan (Citizen V and Hood)
  93. Whiplash (of the  Femme Fatales)
  94. Dennis Dunphy (Demolition Man)
  95. Alan Cavenaugh (Irish, artificerof the IRA)
  96. Ravonna (Kang's mate)
  97. Robert Rider (Rich Rider/Nova I's brother)
  98. Lorry (Brock Jones/Torpedo III's wife)
  99. Bux (with Marita and Jasmine Archer helped Nate Grey)
  100. Miss Carr (director of the Observatory where Mar-Vell worked)
  101. Donar (the "God" of Thunder, Invaders enemy)
  102. Pepper Hogan (Tony Stark's secretary)
  103. Raga the Son of the Fire (Iron Man's villain)
  104. The woman met several times by Ben Grimm on FFUnplugged #1/6
  105. Meteor Man (Duke O'Dowd of Battle Axis)
  106. Scarlett McKenzie (of X-Factor)
  107. Josh Guthrie (Sam Guthrie/Cannonball II's brother)
  108. Shatterstar II (of X-Force II)
  109. Marrow (of Gene Nation and the X-Men)
  110. Donna ? (the Red/Yellow Symbiote)
  111. James Bourne (Solo, the anti-terrorist)
  112. Red Queen (Margali Szardos, of the London Hellfire Club)
  113. Bomblast (of the Jury)
  114. Tommy Kavanagh (of the Made Men, Kingpin's attendant)
  115. The child to whom Ben Grimm gave Molecula II's rod
  116. Beverly (Howard the Duck's friend)
  117. Dottor Maxwell (of Gamma Base)
  118. Harness (Gilbert Benson/Fragment's mother)
  119. Iranda (Queen of the Lizard Men, Ka-Zar villain
  120. Beth Kraus (Karl Kraus's wife)
  121. Janine Godbe (Elizabeth Tyne, alias Sarah Porter, Ben Reilly lover)
  122. Scavenger (the giant transformed by the Annihilus' Cosmic Control Bar)
  123. Stonecutter I
  124. Cindy (Flagg Fargo's girlfriend, Johnny Blaze acrobatic villain)
  125. Nathan (mutant child killed by Ghost/Johnny Blaze)
  126. Powderkeg
  127. Larry Richards (the killer of Kate Shappe, Speedfreek's daughter)
  128. Lynn (of "Donna" the Bugle weekly where also Carol Danvers worked)
  129. Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance (Ghost's villains)
  130. Wallace Jackson (Red Nine)
  131. Edie (of X-Force III)
  132. Mandy (mutant girl with aries-like horns)
  133. Red Norvell (Thor's substitute)
  134. Portia (photographer of Times)
  135. Amelia Voght
  136. Emil Lapin (of the Thieves Guild)
  137. Penance
  138. Weasel (she entred in the W.C. room)
  139. Heater McNeil Hudson
  140. The spy of the A.I.D met by Mystique
  141. Epiphany, Marv and Rick Jones' friend
  142. The three Nereids' brother
  143. Heart Attack (Ghost Rider foe)
  144. Tally (Inhuman, suicide, she loved Mojlor but she had to marry Frag)
  145. Vic, one of the two girls who are searching for Venom
  146. Nan, bar-woman threatened by Venom, almost killed by Frankie and saved by Wolverine
  147. Woman agent of the Shield, transvestite like a telepath with 3 eyes.
  148. Arabella Jones (of "Donna" of the Daily Bugle)
  149. The woman of the Silver Sable's Wild Pack
  150. Spoilsport of the Rising Sons
  151. Trevor Chase and his mom helped by Mystica
  152. Vesper
  153. Deb (attacked by Bacillus and Mind's Eye)
  154. Prester John
  155. Sid "Stilty" (poker partner of Blockade and Hydo-Man)
  156. Curly (Crash Simpson transformed by Satan)
  157. One of the Pipers, bikers killed by Lizard
  158. Waitress of a restaurant near the Daily Bugle who think that the Bugle is comic 
  159. The Mother of Sammy Paré/Squidboy
  160. One of the three Friends of Humanity who attacked Peter Parker
  161. Shock, Mistress of Fear (Ariel Tremmore, daughter of Alan Fagan)
  162. A hooligan of a sect stopped by Morbius
  163. Eamon ??? friend of Trace, who stole some omportand objects to Gen-X
  164. Dr MArcus Arlington (of the Empire State Hospital who cured Jasmine "Jam" Archer)
  165. Katie Sawyer (U-Go Girl's daughter)
  166. Girl defended by Gambit in Australia
  167. Girl of the Xavier Institute with blue striperd skin, friend of Josh Foley and Justin
  168. Alice (sister of Meg and Trish, witches babies friends of Cable)
  169. Wendy (friend of Casper, "shadows" friends of Cable)

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