The Wondrous WASP presents: the Ectoplasms List of the Marvel Universe

ECTOPLASMS (with a name of a ghost, a spectre, a phantom, a spirit and so on) 

Ghost Rider or Phantom Rider or Night Rider. Carter and Lincoln Slade and Hamilton Slade. And their horse: Spirit. Ghost Rider III and IV. John Blaze and Danny Ketch.
The Ghost. Iron Man's very smart enemy. He killed Spymaster I. Space Phantom. Avengers enemy, Immortus pawn.
Fantasma. Of the USSR super-heroes. Dire Whraits. Evil, alien, deviant sorcerer females and technological males. ROM's enemies.
Black Spectre I. Crimnal organization led by the Mandrillo and Nekra, Daredevil enemies. Black Spectre II. Moon Knight enemy.
Spirit of '76. Of the Crusaders, Invaders allies. Ghost Girl I. Of the Crusaders. Invaders allies.
Espirita. Bonita Juarez, also known as Firebird, of the Avengers. The Blonde Phantom. Louise Grante, heroine of the 40ies, now She-Hulk ally.
Sprite I. Of the Eternals Sprite II. One of Kitty Pryde's aliases in her early days in the X-Men-
Fantomask. Of the Inhumans (FF#83). Wraith I. Brian DeWolff, Jean DeWolff's brother. Spider-Man foe.
Red Ghost. Ivan Kragoff and his three apes. USSR citizen, Fantastic Four enemy. Ghost Girl II. Lilli of Beta Flight.
Night Phantom. Travis Hoyt, Iron Man enemy. Phantom. Dr. Birch, Iron Man foe.
Phantasm. with Mr. Fear's costume, Paladin foe. Apparition. Shocks Marley, Ghost Rider III's enemy.
Everwraith. Big Hero Six enemy. Ghostmane. Kym Oosay, Kymellian of the Force Four.
Poltergeist. Michael Silk, Spider-Woman's friend. Geist. German cyborg, Wolverine's enemy.
Phantom Blonde. Wanda Louise Mason, Blonde Phantom's daughter. Phantome. Who can copy the other's powers and fought Badilino.
Phantom Eagle. Karl Kaufman, pilot of the first WW. Phantom Eagle II. Lloyd Bloch, of the Planet Doom.
Blood Wraith. Dane Whitman's squire, cursed by the Ebony Blade.


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