The Wondrous WASP presents: the Marvel Universe Electricians List

ELECTRICIANS: current-taps!

  1. AC and DC (Warpies)
  2. Jesse Aaronson (Bedlam, of M.U.S.E. and X-Men)
  3. Ampere (of the Circle of Pavane)
  4. Blitzkrieger (or Blitzkrieg of the Schutz Heiliggrupper)
  5. B'Nee (with C'Cll forms Warstar of the Shi'ar Imperial Guards)
  6. Chain Lightning (of the Thunderbolts of the Counterearth II)
  7. Cybernetic Agent 19-b of Computo
  8. Dazzler III (Kimerly Shau of X-Force I)
  9. Der Blitzangriff (Cap nazi enemy)
  10. Eel I and II
  11. Eelar (evolved eel who fought the Defenders and the Guardians of the Galaxy
  12. El Aguila (Alejandro Montoja)
  13. Electro I (Ivan Kronov)
  14. Electro II (Max Dillon)
  15. Electron II (of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard)
  16. Feedback (? Flight)
  17. Fizgig
  18. Froh (Invaders enemy, false god)
  19. Killobyte (I e II)
  20. Lightning Fist (of the Wicked Brigade)
  21. Living Lightining (Avengers West Coast and Avengers)
  22. Master of Vengeance (Dwight Faron)
  23. Megatak (Gregory Nettles, killed by Scourge)
  24. Megawatt 
  25. Menoetius (the Titan of electric energy recalled by the Hunter, Namor's villain)
  26. Nahrees (of the Inhumnans)
  27. (*) Perun (Soviet Super Heroes)
  28. Scratch (of Black Air)
  29. Shocker I
  30. Shocker II (Randall Darby of the Resistants, ex Paralyzer)
  31. Shockwave (Lancaster Steed)
  32. Spark (of the Avantguade)
  33. Stinger III (of the Alliance of Evil)
  34. Supercharger (or Superdynamo, Spiderman's old foe)
  35. The Stalker (Wasp's fan)
  36. Thiago Piranha (mutant girl killed in the Arena)
  37. Tempest I (Flashfire and )
  38. Tokamak (affiliate to Macabre)
  39. Chris Bradley (Bolt, of the New Warriors)
  40. Tommy Lightining (Crusaders)
  41. Triple Steel (giant villain Iron Fist's enemy)
  42. Volton (of Battle Axis, Invaders villain)
  43. Wild Whip
  44. Zapper (of S&M)
  45. Zzzax the Living Dynamo
  46. Unnamed boy attacked by Phantome
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