The Wondrous WASP presents: the Marvel Universe Hellenics List

HELLENICS (of the old Greek alphabet):

  1. Alpha and Beta. Red Ghost's super-apes.
  2. Alpha the Ultimate Mutant. Created by Magneto, affiliated to the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants. He reverted Magneto to a child-age.
  • Alpha Flight. The Canadian Super-Group.
  • Alpha Prime. Crag, Avian, Primate, the group of Savage Land Mutates led by Vindicator II while most amnesiac.
  • The Alpha Primitives. The Inhumans who live in the undergronds of Attilan.
  • Alpha. Android, Spider-Man and Vision foe.
  • (*) Alpha and Omega Stones. Sought by Basilisk.
  • Shadowforce Alpha. Spider-Man foes.
  • Alpha and the Omegas. Hywel Griffin and his followers, Clan Destine villains.

  • Beta Flight. The reservist groups for Alpha Flight in the two formations.
  • Beta Ray Bill. Thor's friend ,who lifted Mjolnir and now wields Stormbreaker.

  • Gamma Flight. The reservist group of the reservists for Alpha Flight, in the two incarnations.
  • Delta Force. Kro's mixed group of Deviants affiliated to Sersi and the Avengers.
  • Epsilon Red. Sovietic astronaut, Wolverine villain.
  • Epsilon. Soldiers in armor, of the H Department. Two of the five seen are Tim and Gary.
  • Epsiloni(*). Alien race of the Epsilon star system of very powerful beings like The Captive and Threkker.
  • Weapon "Chi". Other alias of Weapon X, used by James Hudson while training Wolverine after his meeting in the northern Canada. 
  • Omega. The giant android of the Alpha Primitives, used by Ultron.
  • Omega the Unknown. Alien, linked to Michael.

  • Omega Flight. The anti-groups of Alpha Flight in both the incarnations by Jerry Jaxon and by the Master of the World.
  • Omega. Lionel Jeffries/Roger Bochs union/fusion.
  • Omega Red. Sovietic mutant, Wolverine's enemy who has retractile tentacles of Carbonadium emitting toxic spores.
  • Weapon Omega. Kyle Gibney, also calles Wildchild.
  • Nova Omega. ??? from the stories of the New Warriors.
  • Omega. Clone of Thanos and Galactus.
  • Kid Omega. Quentin Quire, a mutant of class Omega, of the Xavier's School.
  • The Omega. Who created the 12 to destroy the High Evolutionary.

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