The Wondrous WASP presents: the Marvel Universe Homonyms List

HOMONYMS: non-reincarnations (for example, Ultron, the Black Knight) or followers (for examp    le Captain America or Yellowjacket or Iron Man) but characters with only the same name.

  1. 8-ball (2)
  2. Airborne (2)
  3. Alpha (3)
  4. Angel (3)
  5. Arachne (2)
  6. Ariel (2)
  7. Arsenal (2)
  8. Asmodeus (4)
  9. Asp (2)
  10. Assassin (4)
  11. Assault (2)
  12. Astra (4)
  13. Atom Smasher (2)
  14. Axe (2)
  15. Bantam (2)
  16. Basilisk (4)
  17. Bedlam (4)
  18. Black Fox (2)
  19. Black Spectre (2)
  20. Black Talon (3)
  21. Blackbird (2)
  22. Blackout (2)
  23. Blaze (2)
  24. Blazing Skull (2)
  25. Blockbuster (3)
  26. Bloody Mary (2)
  27. Blowhard (2)
  28. Bludgeon (2)
  29. Brainchild (2)
  30. Brawler (2)
  31. Brute (4)
  32. Bulldozer (2)
  33. Bulwark (2)
  34. Butterfly (2)
  35. Buzzsaw (2)
  36. Cannonball (2)
  37. Captain Marvel (2)
  38. Carnivore (2)
  39. Chain (2)
  40. Champion(s) (3)
  41. Chance (2)
  42. Circus of Crime (2)
  43. Colossus (3)
  44. Copperhead (2)
  45. Cottonmouth (2)
  46. Crucible (2)
  47. Crusader (2)
  48. Cyclops (3)
  49. Dazzler (3)
  50. Death (2)
  51. Death's Head (2)
  52. Death Squad (3)
  53. Decay (2)
  54. Defender(s) (2)
  55. Deluge (2)
  56. Destiny (2)
  57. Destroyer (8)
  58. Diablo (2)
  59. Diamondback (2)
  60. Diamondhead (2)
  61. Doctor Danger (2)
  62. Domino (2)
  63. DoppleGanger (2)
  64. Dragonfly (2)


  1. Earth Lord (2)
  2. Earthquake (2)
  3. Eel (2)
  4. Electro (2)
  5. Electron (2)
  6. Enforcer(s) (2)
  7. Executioner (3)
  8. Falcon (2)
  9. Famine (2)
  10. Fenris (2)
  11. Ferro (2)
  12. Firebird (2)
  13. Firefall (2)
  14. Firefight (2)
  15. Firefly (3)
  16. Flame (3)
  17. Foundry (2)
  18. Frog-Man (2)
  19. Fusion (2)
  20. Gargoyle (2)
  21. Gatherers (2)
  22. Gauntlet (3)
  23. Genesis (2)
  24. Ghost Girl (2)
  25. Ghost Rider (2)
  26. Gideon (2)
  27. Gladiator (2)
  28. Goblin (2)
  29. Gog (3)
  30. Golddigger (2)
  31. Golem (2)
  32. Grappler(s) (2)
  33. Griffin (2)
  34. Grizzly (2)
  35. Guardian (3)
  36. Halflife (2)
  37. Hammer (3)
  38. Hammerhand (2)
  39. Hammerhead (2)
  40. Harpoon(s) (2)
  41. Harrier (2)
  42. Hawkeye (2)
  43. Hobgoblin (2)
  44. Hornet (2)
  45. Human Top (2)
  46. Hunger (2)
  47. Hurricane (2)
  48. Hydron (2)
  49. Igron (2)
  50. Impulse (2)
  51. Inferno (3)
  52. Iron Maiden (2)
  53. Jack Frost (2)
  54. Jack of Hearts (2)
  55. Jackdaw (2)
  56. Janus (3)
  57. Jester (2)
  58. Jubilee (2)
  59. Justice (2)
  60. Legion (3)
  61. Lilith (2)
  62. Locus (2)
  63. Lodestone (2)
  64. Loga (2)
  65. Lorelei (2)


  1. Mad Dog (2)
  2. Magma (2)
  3. Magnum (2)
  4. Magog (2)
  5. Magus (2)
  6. Mainframe (2)
  7. Malice (5)
  8. Mammoth (2)
  9. Mangler (3)
  10. Manipulator (2)
  11. Man Killer (2)
  12. Man-Thing (2)
  13. Marauder(s) (2)
  14. Marvel Boy (3)
  15. Masque (2)
  16. Mastermind (2)
  17. Mentor (2)
  18. Meteorite (2)
  19. Mida (2)
  20. Midnight (2)
  21. Midnight Sun (2)
  22. Mirage (2)
  23. Miss Marvel (2)
  24. Mister X (2)
  25. Molecula (2)
  26. Mongu (2)
  27. Murmur (2)
  28. Nanny (2)
  29. Nebula (2)
  30. Nemesis (3)
  31. Nightcrawler (2)
  32. Nightmare (2)
  33. Nimrod (2)
  34. Nocturne (2)
  35. Nova (2)
  36. Nuke (2)
  37. Ogre (2)
  38. Omega (4)
  39. Outcasts (2)
  40. Ox (3)
  41. Pavane (2)
  42. Pele (2)
  43. Pestilence (3)
  44. Phalanx (2)
  45. Phantom Eagle (2)
  46. Phoenix (2)
  47. Photon (2)
  48. Piledriver (2)
  49. Powerhouse (3)
  50. Primus (2)
  51. Punisher (2)
  52. Quasar (3)
  53. Quill (2)
  54. Radius (2)
  55. Raga (2)
  56. Ramrod (3)
  57. Raptor (2)
  58. Rasputin (2)
  59. Rat Pack (2)
  60. Rattler (2)
  61. Reaper (2)
  62. Red Queen (2)
  63. Red Raven (2)
  64. Red Wolf (2)
  65. Ricochet (2)
  66. Roulette (2)


  1. Sack (2)
  2. Sandstorm (2)
  3. Scanner (2)
  4. Scatterbrain (2)
  5. Scavenger (2)
  6. Seeker (4)
  7. Sentry (4)
  8. Serpent Men (3)
  9. Shaper (2)
  10. Shard (2)
  11. Shatterstar (2)
  12. Shocker (2)
  13. Shock Troop (2)
  14. Sickle (2)
  15. Silencer (3)
  16. Skullcrasher (2)
  17. Slasher (5)
  18. Smasher (5)
  19. Sniper (2)
  20. Solo (2)
  21. Spiral (2)
  22. Sprite (2)
  23. Squid (2)
  24. Stalker (2)
  25. Static (3)
  26. Steel Serpent (2)
  27. Stiletto (2)
  28. Stinger (4)
  29. Stone (4)
  30. Stonecutter (2)
  31. Strongman (2)
  32. Strongarm (2)
  33. Super Patriot (2)
  34. Surge (3)
  35. Taboo (2)
  36. Talisman (2)
  37. Tempest (3)
  38. The Agent (2)
  39. Thunderbird (2)
  40. Thunderbolt (2)
  41. Titania (2)
  42. Toro (2)
  43. Torpedo (2)
  44. Vermin (2)
  45. Vertigo (2)
  46. Vulcano (3)
  47. War (2)
  48. Warhawk (2)
  49. Warlock (3)
  50. Warrant (2)
  51. Werewolf (2)
  52. Whiplash (2)
  53. White Dragon (2)
  54. White Tiger (3)
  55. Whizzer (2)
  56. Wild Pack (2)
  57. Wrecker (3)
  58. Wrench (2)
  59. X (2)
  60. X-Force (2)
  61. Zeitgeist (2)
  62. Zero (2)



Thomas Halloway and his brother. Warren Warthington III , after known as the Archangel and Death. Of the Xorn's X-Men.
Adam Warlock (formerly known as Him). Watcher of the Soul Gem. Maha Yogi, also posed as Merlin II (imposter). Warlock_3.gif the technorganic member of the New Mutants, son of Magus II.
Adam Warlock evil-ution.  Warlock III' father. Powerful, giant, shapeshifter, technorganic alien.
Spider-Man villain. Allison Crestmere of the Hellions II. Formerly known as Amara Aquilla of the New Mutants, born in Nova Roma.
Kree soldier who captured the Inhumans, Falzon's son. Shatterstar_2.gif of Cable's X-Force II Shatterstar_3.jpg Another Kree soldier, who fought the Inhumans, too.
Giant android of the Alpha Primitives used by Maximus and Ultron. Omega_2.gif The alien linked to Michael. Roger Bochs/Madison Jeffries, enemy of Alpha Flight.
The slim white-haired men created by Alpha. One of the Thanosi. Clone created by a mix of Thanos' and Galactus' DNA.
Blackout_1.gif of the Masters of Evil IV, Nova I and Avengers foe. Ghost Rider III foe, one of the Lilith's Lilins.
of the Count Nefaria's Ani-Men. Spider-Man villain. affiliated with the True Believers.
Black Spectre
the criminal organization lead by the Mandrillo and Nekra. Carson Knowley, Moon Knight's villain.
Captain Marvel
Capmarvel_1.gif Mar-vell, Kree and Genis-Vell, bringers of the nega-bands. Capmarvel_2.gif Monica Rambeau, Avenger.
Marvel Boy
Martin Burns. 40's hercules. Robert Grayson/Wendell Vaughn. Vance Astrovik of the New Warriors.
Jack Frost
the World War II hero, member of the Liberty Legion. Gregor Shapanka, Iron Man villain, later took the identity of Blizzard I.
Richard Rider of the Champions of Xandar and New Warriors. Frankie Raye, professor Horton's daughter. Formerly of the Fantastic Four. Galactus herald.
John Jameson. Also called Stargod. J. Jonah Jameson son. Mitchell Chambers.
Fantastic Four villain. X-Force villain, one of the X-ternals.
Miss Marvel
Msmarvel_1.gif Carol Danvers 
Now in the Avengers as Warbird, before in the Star Jammers as Binary
Msmarvel_2.gif Sharon Ventura, formerly in the Grapplers and in the Fantastic Four as the She-Thing.
Odin's asgardian metallic God-destroyer in all the reincarnations. Image Not Available Brian Falsworth, once called Dyna-Mite and Roger Aubrey.
Iron Man foe. Charles Stanton, soviet communist sabotager, Human Torch II enemy.
Image Not Available Drax, created by Cronos, father of Moondragon. Alex PowerJack Power Alex and Jack Power of Power Pack.
also called Man-Monster, pawn of Richard Raleigh/Disruptor. Daredevil villain, leader of a gang. Vril-Rokk, of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.
Death-Stalker pawn. Daredevil villain. Death-Stalker pawn. Daredevil villain.
sovietic shapeshifter, X-Factor foe. Spider-Man duplicate by the Magus.
Jade, possessed by the Firebird, connected to the life force of the Earth, Iron Fist villain. Bonita Juarez of the West Coast Avengers, also known as Espirita.
Electro_1.jpg Ivan Kronov, 50ies Captain America's foe. Max Dillon, Spider-Man villain.
Thanos' niece (?). Galactic conquerer. Kangs Council enemy. Aaffiliated with and enemy of the Doctor Druid.
Msmarvel_2.gif Android of the Lunatic Legion. Captain Marvel foe. Sentinel comen from the future. Now known as Bastion.
Tryco Slatterus, powerful alien wrestler of the Elders of the Universe. the Los Angeles super-group founded by Warren Worthington III. Imus, Avengers villain.
of the Salem's Seven. of the Magneto's Mutates and Mr.Sinister's Marauders.
of the Cherubim and the Warpies. F4 foe. Captain America villain, of the Resistants.
Captain America villain. Nova villain. Also one of the Champions of Xandar.
Alfredo, Richard Fisk's friend. the Apocalypse's Inhuman. group of psichic agents in armor, sent by the New Son/New Sun to search Gambit.
The DEATH! of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. of the Apocalypse's Horsemen 
of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Abraham Lincoln Kieros of the Apocalypse's Horsemen. of the Foreigner's Death Squad.
of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Coming from Axi-Tun. of the Apocalypse's Horsemen (Autumn Rolfson and Ahab).
of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Comig from Axi-Tun. F. R. Crozier, frozen in the Artice ice. Alpha Flight enemy. of the Apocalypse's Horsemen (Plague and Caliban).
Killer affiliated with Crime-Wave, Daredevil foe. Torpedo_3.gif Stivak and Brock. The former, Daredevil foe, the latter too, after affiliated with Rom.
of the Hellfire Club and of the Arena. of the Harriers.
Black Panther's villain. Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze foe. Sue Storm's second personality.
psychic entity, affiliated with the Marauders. Nakia, of the Dora Milaje, and after Killmonger ally.
M'Kai, Shang-Chi brother-in-law. Master in the Martial Arts. Kree Agent, known as Midnight Sun. Mary McGrill Archer. Jeffrey Mogart, affiliated with the Secret Empire.
Midnight Sun
M'Kai, Shang-Chi brother-in-law. Master in the Martial Arts. Kree Agent, known as Midnight Sun. Anton Mogart, cat burglar. Also known as Midnight Man. Father of Jeffrey Mogart also Known as Midnight II.
Calvin Renko, Daredevil villain. Another one took his identity. Extremely powerful alien, Shi'ar Imperial Guard.
The Tyr's enemy, the giant wolf guardian of the Gates of Hel. Fenris_2.gif Andrea and Andreas Strucker
Death's Head
Paxton Page. Daredevil villain. Cyborg killer(s) of the future.
Giant Man foe.  Hulk foe. The stone giant of the Horusians. Piotr Nicolaievitch Rasputin of the X-Men, and Lemuel Sullivan of X-Force I
of the Eternals. Sprite_1.gif Kitty Pride, of the X-Men and Excalibur,formerly known as Ariel, now known as Shadowcat.
Edward Whelan created by Zemo II. Captain America and Spider-Man villain. Cloack and Dagger villain.
I and II, both of the Gatecrasher's Technet. Aldo Ferro, of the Project: Weapon X.
Black Talon 
Desmomd Drew, Brother Voodoo's enemy. Avengers foe. He resurrected Wonder Man. She-Hulk's enemies.
nemesis of the Angel I. Avengers foe. of the Alliance of Evil. from Marvel Super-Heroes Fall Special 1991.
Captain America's villain.  Reed Richards of the counter-Earth. Ralph Hutchins, She-Hulk foe. of Masque's Morlocks.
Modok and AIM's cyborg. Captain America foe. Henry Camp of the Wrecking Crew.
Rieg Davan. Xandarian Siphon warrior. an energizer mutant, Beast and Spider-Man foe. Alex Power of the Power Pack.
Helmut Zemo first identity. Son of Baron Heinrich Zemo. Now Baron Zemo, formerly in the Masters of Evil and in the Thunderbolts as Citizen V. Phoenix_2.gif immortal force of the Universe who possesses (Jean Grey's clone) or is possessed by beings of her choice (Rachel Summers).
Spider-Man villain. Killed by the Scourge. Danielle Moonstar, formerly of the New Mutants. Later of the Asgardian Valkyries, later of Mutant Liberation Front. Now Psiche.
Spider-Man villain. Randall Darby of the Mutant Force. Now Paralyser or the Resistants.
of the Wrestlers, killed by the Scourge. Nancy McPherson, married to Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man.
Of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard Royal Elite. Roderick Kingsley and Jason Macendale. Spider-Man villain.
Ace Fester, Rawhide Kid enemy. Maxwell Markham, Spider-Man villain. Theodore Winchester, of the Cable's Wild Pack.
Wild Pack 
Silver Sable's. Cable's.
Nightcrawler_1.gif Demon-Guardian of the Un-named Dimension. The Hulk and Defenders villain. Nightcrawler_2.gif Kurt Wagner, of the X-Men and Excalibur.
Doctor Strange villain. Iron Man foe.
the little sovietic Hulk's villain. Also wore the Titanium Man armor. Gargoyle_3.gif Isaas Christians, of the Defenders.
of Omega Flight II. Mr. Armstrong. Spider-Man character.
of the Cadre. of the XSE. Bishop's sister.
Elemental of the Earth. affiliated with Zephyr, Hydron and ?. Enemy of N'Kantu, The Living Mummy. Moses. Spider-Man/Punisher, and X-Men and Avengers villain.
elemental of the water. Living Mummy and Miss Marvel villain. of the Salem's Seven. Fantastic Four villain.
Nicholas Powell, the super-mercenary, Spider-Man villain. Chance_2.jpg teenager of the Fallen Angels.
of the Squadron Supreme. Devil's enemy, Kingpin's pawn.
Hulk's enemy. West Coast Avengers' enemy. Affiliated to Quantum and ZZaax.
Jason Wyngarde of the first Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants. also Jeeves of the Braddock manor.
Darkhawk foe. of Cloud 9 of the Warpies.
Percy Van Norton of Battle-Axis. Bruto, of the Circus of Crime.
of the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants. Created by Magneto. Mark Twain's defensor android built by the Mad Thinkerer. Hywel Griffin, Clan Destine's foe.
Darla. Jubilation Lee of the X-Men and Generation X.
Jonathon's Powers, Daredevil's villain. of the Crazy Gang. Captain Britain and Excalibur foe.
Luke Cage villain, partner of Discus. Both Justin Hammer's employees. the killer, Punisher's foe.
X-Men's airplane the super-criminal affiliated with Superia.
Malcom Merrywell, Spider-Man villain Iron Man's villain.
Ghost Rider
Lincoln and Carter Slade. Also known as Phantom Riders. Hamilton Slade is their heir. Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch
a green bat-winged Inhuman. the crimson sorcerer. Dr.Strange villain. the demon of the six-fingered hand and/or pawn of Mephisto? Master Pandemonium's bird.
Whiplash_1.gif now Blacklash. affiliated with Justin Hammer. Iron Man villain. of the Femme Fatales, Spider-Man villain.
Enemy and allied and after enemy and after allied of the Invaders. Thing's villain/allied.
Formery Lifter of the Mutant Force, now Meteorite of the Resistants Karla Sofen of the Thunderbolts, formerly Moonstone II of the Masters of Evil and Valerie Bernhardt of the Redeemers.
the bi-faced android built by Machinesmith. The Beast and Captain America's enemy. West Coast Avengers villain.
Mad Dog 
Buzz Baxter, Patsy Walker's husband. Once, affiliated with the Brand Corporation. of the NYPD: Blue Code.
both supercriminals, X-Men, Human Torch II and Ghost Rider foes.  of the SURF.
of the Morlocks and Tunnelers. X-Men villain. Whitney Frost's clone.
of Cable's Six Pack and after of X-Force. Scourge's sidekick.
of the Olympian Pantheon, also known as Hephaestus. Image not Available the almost super-criminal, Thing and Ka-Zar foe. Black Goliath foe.
Doctress Kurarkill's ape that fougth versus Iron Man. Wendell Vaughn, formerly known as Marvel Boy. of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.
of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard Royal Elýte. of the Psionex. Affiliated to the New Warriors.
Mentor_1.gif Alars, the First Eternal of Titan. The Shi'ar Imperial Guard Royal Elite member.
Criminal boss, enemy of Luke Cage. of the Serpent Society.
Image not Available Captain America foe from Captain America Comics #1. Image not Available Makkari in the 50ies. of the Stryfe's  Dark Riders.
Elizabeth Twoyoungmen of Alpha Flight. Shaman's daughter. the australian guy in Contest of Champions.
Red Wolf
Redskins, followers of Owayodata. Image not Available Rojohn Smythe in the shapes of the Talbos Wolf God.
Red Queen
of the Crazy Gang. of the English Hellfire Club.
The Agent
Image not Available the spy, Tinkerer's son. Rita Ricochet, Mojo's pawn.
Image not Available Mad-Thinker's android, lend to the Puppet-Master. the non-group for excellence!
Clint Barton, of the Avengers and of the Thunderbolts. Image not Available of the Supreme Squadron.
Image not Available Doctor Karl Kort, Fantastic Four enemy.. Smith. Giant Man and Wasp foe. of the Wrecking Crew. Thor, Defenders and Avengers villain.
Robot lead by Foreman, property of the Changers, alien invaders. Spider-Man foe. of the Nasty Boys.
White Dragon
Image not Available chinese scientist. Iron Man foe. martial arts user, fire-breather, Spider-Man villain.
Raymond and Roland Bloch, both enemies of Spider-Man. And the doctor Karl Stragg who possessed the body of Raymond Bloch, Daredevil enemy. of China Force.
the "Son of the Fire", Iron Man's enemy. of the "Four", enemies of the Daughter of Satana.
Devil foe. Killgrave's pawn. partner of Styx. Spider-Men villains. of the Chastes. Protected Trevor Chase.
of the Galadorian Spaceknight. of Polemachus. of the not yet formed first Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants. of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.
Devil villain, who gave the powers to the Tri-Man. Luke Cage foe, affiliated to Spear. One of the Power-Broker enpowered men.
Ghost Girl
of the Crusaders. of Beta Flight.
Image Not Available the Brain Blast Alpha Flight villain. Bermuda Shwartz of X-Force I. of the Exemplars. Image Not Available Jesse Aaronson of the MUSE
Inferno_1.gif Slifer The Fear Monger. Satana's pawn. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) foe. Joseph Conroy, Avengers foe. Samantha Mc Gee of the Exemplars.
of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. William Read of X-Force I. of the Exemplars
ex S.H.O.C. of the Exemplars.
Gog_1.gif the demon, Hulk and Arabian Knigt foe. the extra-dimensional giant lizardman Spider-Man foe. the Mojo's pawn, Longshot foe.
Magog_1.gif the demon, Hulk and Arabian Knigt foe. the Mojo's pawn, Longshot foe.
Asgardian also called Melodi, Amora the Enchantress' sister. of the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants.
Super Patriot
Nick Fury and SHIELD's enemy. John Walker, also Captain America VI, now USAgent.
the warlock, affiliated to Loki. one of the Deviants.
the Kree robot-sentinels cretaed bt Bronek and placed on several worlds. Sentry_4.jpg the Galadorian Spaceknights. Elkins, of the Jury. Image Not Available Arthur Stacy.
Scanner_3.gif The Galadorian Spaceknights of the Morlocks and of the Acolytes, probaly Screener, in her first appearance.
of the Inhumans. He had to seek for Crystal and the Royal Family. His brother had to seek for Devlor. Dr Doom's android.
Iron Man villains (Sonic, Grasp and Chain). the Galadorian of the Spaceknights Squadron.
Ralph Hutchins, She-Hulk foe. Image Not Available the senator Stewart Ward.
The Galadorian Spaceknights of First Line (very similar to Nova II)
the Galadorian Spaceknights.  mutated by the Power Broker. Captain America and Bantam II enemy.
Sprite_1.gif Kitty Pride of the X-Men. of the Fallen Angels
the militar group affiliated with the X-Men. of the Supremacists Joshua Donald Clemenson used this alias while in the Thunderbolts. Previously known as Cardinal.
Demon who possesed Katy Milner=Roxy Simpson. Ghost Rider's foe. Alien of the Special Executive and Gatechrasher's Technet. David Haller, son of Charles Xavier.
the group of English patriots, of the World War II. also known as Marvel Boy. Arthur Charles Blackwood.
of the Ani-Men. Eugene Paul Patillo, Leapfrog's son.
Johnny, also known as Ghost Rider.  of the New Mutants of the Franklin Richards' alternative past. student, Spider-Man foe.
Esteban, alchemist, Fantastic Four villain. the monster from the Dimension X.
artificial being made by the Red Skull's Cosmic Cube. Ted Sallis
of the Freedom Force and formerly the Mojo's attendants.  Estelle Geis, affiliated with Razor [Marco San Antonio]. 
Ogre_1.jpg of Factor 3, after ally of the Thunderbolts, and after substituted by Techno in disguise. of the Wicked Brigade, Spider-Man enemy.
of the Exemplars, Avengers villain. of the Acolytes.
A part of the Banner's personality, triggered by the Puffball Collective in the Crossroad. created or called by Samhain's spells.
Stryfe's teleporter android and ultimate weapon. the robot of Code: Blue, with the brain schemes of Thomas Rizzo.
formerly known ase Sise-Neg, sorcerer. Dr. Strange villain. Tyler Dayspring.
mystic creature of celtic orignis who battled vs Dr. Druid. of the Exemplars.
of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Maximilian Stone, killed by Ultimo.
of the Seekers, Iron Man enemies. of the Ransom Sole's men. X-Men villains.
Bloody Mary
one of the Typhoid Mary personalities, after Mary and Walker. of the BACCANTI, affiliated to Bounty.
Image Not Available Magneto's robot used in the Antarctic base.  Image Not Available scientist of the Right, partner of the Orphanmaker.
early X-Men villain. of the Mandarin's Avatar.
Image Not Available one of morlock Berzerker's Tunnelers. Greg, of the Children of Heaven.
Fitzroy's lackey. Roberto Velasquez, the boxer super hero.
Image Not Available the techno-organic multi beings/one conscience anti-mutant hunters. X-Men villains. Dick Johnson, creator of a suit of armor that absorbs all the impacts hurled against it.
Blazing Skull
Mark Todd, of the Invaders. James Patrick Scully, once exiliated in the time, now with Doctor Druid's Shock Troop.
of the Technet. Image Not Available Victor Meachum's lackey, with psychic powers. Falcon villain.
the extra-dimensional Dr.Strange villain. the mutated soul of Topaz.
Image Not Available the monster made of smoke. Topaz' step-father.
of the Special Executive. Image Not Available Larry Elker also known as the Everyman. Captain America villain.
partner of Captain Britain. other alias of Blackbird of the Superia's Femizons.

of the M-Branch. by Cable.
Atom Smasher
I Black Goliath foe, killed by Warhawk II. II brother of Atom Smasher I. of the Stane International, Iron Man villain.
Mr. Kline, Iron Man villain. Maria, Avengers villain. of the Committe for the Free Emigration. Red Guardian II foe. Mimeyoshi. Nuclear powered robot killing machine. Sub-Mariner villain.
Iron Man foe, comen from the future. of the Titanic 3, Avengers villain, also known as Buzzsaw. Imagenot.gif Jim Crawley, son of Bertrand Crawley Moon Knight's friend.
Imagenot.gif one of Sabretooth' aliases. Stalker_1.jpg Gil Jeffers, Hulk villain. Killer  Who tried to kill Mary Jane Watson.
Imagenot.gif Giant spider-demon, Morbius foe. Jessica Drew and Sylvia Yaqua.
Imagenot.gif Man-Brute created by Silas X. Cragg. Captain America's enemy. Enemy of Omega the Unknown. Heat-Ray Michael Baer of the Marauders, cloned many times.
Paul Hazlett. Gary Wilton, teenage mutant, West Coast Avengers foe.
Serpent Men
sons/followers of Set. Kull and Conan's enemies. Ka nama kaa lajerama. redskins warriors, Snake Dance followers. Ghost/Blaze foes. mutates by Tyrannus and Viper II.
the Nega-Man. F4 villain. Dracula and Domini's son. of the Derangers.
also known as Razorblade or Slasher. of the Children of Heaven.
also known as the Human Cannonball of the Circus of Crime (once he admitted the homonimia). Sam Guthrie, of the New Mutants, X-Force, X-Men and X-Corporation.
Pinky e Hubert Fusser, Spider-Man foes. Markley, Spider-Man villain.
of the School Imagenot.gif Donny Callahan, Spider-Man villain.
Steel Serpent
a master of the martial arts, Yu Ti and Iron Fist enemy, who has a "delayed deadly hit". Davos, from Kun L'un, master of martial arts. Son of Lei Kung The Thunderer.
Expert arsonist, Dazzler foe.  Imagenot.gif of the Stick's Chaste. partner of Foam, both killed by the Blood Whraith. Hrinmeer, Demon-Elf, Thor villain.
killer captured by the SHIELD. Imagenot.gif Rich Van Burien, commiliton of Frank Castle in Vietnam.
Kurt Klemmer, Omega villain Imagenot.gif Leonard Hebb of the Thunderiders.
Ares followers, Avengers foes. Mitchell Tannel. Iron Fist and X-Men villain. Tom Nakadai of the Harriers.
the Mad-Thinker super-android, transformed by Annihilus. Robert Nicolle, with regenerating powers. Agent of Thog. Man-Thing villain.
Death Squad
I and II, both Iron Man enemies. Imagenot.gif agents of the Foreigner, Spider-Man villains.
of the Shadowforce. of the Nefaria's Death Squad.
of the Shadowforce. of the Nefaria's Death Squad.
Imagenot.gif Dude Jensen. Imagenot.gif Jennifer Stavros of the Hellions. Killed by the Fitzroy's Sentinels.
Outcasts_1.gif Mole Man warriors. Imagenot.gif animals mutated by gamma radiations.
Copperhead_1-2.gif Lawrence Chesney (Daredevil foe) and/or Arthur Reynolds (Human Fly II and White Tiger I foe) or Richard Crandall (the character from an old pulp magazine whom Chesney took inspiration from). Imagenot.gif Davis Lawfers, related to the Serpent Society
the SEVEN INFINITY GEMS. Kane ???, Falcon foe. The Vigilante, Alpha Flight foes.
Ralph Hutchins, in his third incarnation. She-Hulk foe. of Alpha Flight II.
Earth Lord
Doc creation via genetic engineering. She-Hulk foe. of the Earth Force, affilated to Seth.
Galactus' punisher robot. Frank Castle.
Boris Mongusky, agent of USSR. Hulk foe. Maha Yogi's gladiator from the dimension of Sandt. Hulk villain.
of Gene Nation. X-Men enemies. interdimensional criminal, Deadpool villain.
extra-terrestial lizards-hunter. Dragon-Man, Grey Gargolyle and She-Hulk enemy. also known as Powersurge, of the Russian super-heroes. Mystique in disguise.
Proctor's gathered, alternate Earths counterparts of the Avengers. robots sent from the Celestials.
Toroq, Canadian/Eskimo redskins God. Barton Ford, Darkhawk and Portal enemy.
Count Barzon, Falcon villain. killer of the Cross Technologies, Hawkeye/Mockingbird enemy. mercenaries, Spider-Man villains.
Sickle_2.jpg of the Mandarin's Avatars. Sickle_1.jpg Nickolai Vronsky, partner of Hammer III. Maverick foe.
Leroy Jackson, symbiotic partner of Anvil. Both killed by the Scourge. Hammer_3.jpg Boris Lubov, partner of Sickle II. Maverick foe. Eisenhower "Ike" Canty, of the Cable's Six Pack.
Golddigger_1.gif Assassin also known as Caprice, affiliated with Bloodstain and the Scourges. USAgent villain. Angela Golden, affiliated with Damon Dran. Captain America's foe.
Basil Elsk, seeker of the Alpha and Omega stone. Thing villain. demon symbiote with Satan, Satana's daughter. the demon, Morbius villain. Mutant, of Xorn's group.
Foundry_2.jpg of the Mandarin's Avatars. of the Blood.
Black Fox
of First Line. cat burglar, Spider-Man villain.
Jack of Hearts
Jack Hart of the Avengers. Half human-half Contraxian. of the Crazy Gang.
Robert Frank, married to Miss America. affiliated with the Libery Legion, the Invaders and the All-Winners Squad. of the Counter-Earth Supreme Squadron and the Grandmaster's Squadron Sinister.
Captain America old villain.  Leader of the Mandarin's Avatars.
William Carver, affiliated with Luke Cage, died of rapid aging.  the super-group, ex-Masters of Evil led by Zemo in disguise and after by Hawkeye.
Skurge of Asgard. Now in Hel.  of the Circus of Calliope, where Rhiva captured Jack Russel. of the Crazy Gang (Earth- 616 and Earth-238).
of Assault and Battery (after Anvil and Hammer?). Edaward Wong of the Metahumes (Spider-Man villain).
Willis Stryker, Luke Cage villain Rachel Leighton of the Serpent Society. Partner of Steve Rogers/Captain America.
Scotty McDowell, friend of Jessica Drew/Spider Woman I. Peter Parker and Cassie ???.
John Proudstar of the X-Men and his brother James, later Warpath of the New Mutants. Neal Sharra, of the X-Men.
Human Top 
David Mitchell of the Kid Commandos. Image Not Available Dave Cannon, of the Lethal Legion and of the Masters of Evil.
Fantastic Four's enemy, affiliated with Namor the Sub-Mariner. of the X-Men and X-Factor. Married to Madelyne and to Jean Grey. Father of Cable. Giant Man villain.
two groups of supercriminals. Spider-Man enemies. Ghost Rider and Spider-Woman foe.
of the Triumvirate of Terror. the criminal boss. Spider-Man villain.
Jason Dean. affiliated with AIM. Spider-Man and Nova I foe. Monica Rambeau of the Avengers, once called Capitan Marvel.
of the Retrieverss of Atlantis, androids had to bring Namor back to Atlantis. Shi'ar of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard Royal Elite.
the she-demon, mother of the Lilin. Ghost and Revenge villain. Dracula's daughter.
Wladislaw Shinski and Moris Morlak. of the Resistants (once Burner of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants I and of the Mutant force).
of the CounterEarth enemy of the Avengers and Squadron Supreme. of the Mutates of the Savage Land.
Iron Maiden 
enemy of the Black Widow. of Gene Nation.
Owen Reece and his son. Julie Power with the "Mass Master" powers.
Richard Harper, who rpbbed the Scarlet Scarab. Cleo Nefertiti of the Serpent Society and Bad Girls.
Burtram Worthington. Warren Warthington II' uncle. Allison Blaire, also of the X-Men. of X-Force II.
Shock Troop 
Led by Dr. Druid: Blazing Skull II, N'Kantu, Shadow Woman. of the Secret Empire: Fieldstone, Fizgig, Hoarfrost, Hoopsnake, Ingot, Loblolly, Scarum, Watchfire.
Shroud foe, enemy of the Cult of Kali, deceased. arsonist, enemy of Nova. Power Man and Iron Fist foe.
Rat Pack 
Led by Joshua Plague (the Super Skrull) and their followers hired by Arnim Zola. a gang of four afro-american criminals of Detroit, captured by Moon Knight.
Man Killer 
Hydra green android that fought Captain America. Katrina Luisa Van Horn, Spider-Man vilain, and in the Masters of Evil VII.
Of the Marauders. Group of young hooligan mutants who annoyed Sage and Bishop, and Rogue and Gambit.
Thor's enemy. of the Mutant Liberation Front.
She-Hulk enemy. The group of super-criminals, before, and after of the Unlimited World Class Federation.
Of the "Gods" who fought the Invaders. Of the Godpack created by the High Evolutionary.
Enemy of the Invaders. Luke Cage the Power -Man and Iron Fist villain. Pantu Horage, of the Mutant Liberation Front.
Of First Line. Transformed by Arnim Zola.
Red Raven 
Of the Old West. Enemy of Rawhide Kid. Raised by the Inhuman Bird-Men of the Sky-Isle, and the andtrois his substitute, and his "daughter" of the Aerie.
Ex-wrestler who drunk a Super-Soldier Serum and fought Luke Cage the Power-Man. One of the Thanos clones, created by Professor Charles Xavier's DNA.
Robot, Avengers adversary. Nimrod Strange, Moon Knight enemy.
William Amos of the Underground Legion. Of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, killed by Cassandra Nova.
Affiliated to Mr. Sinister. Peter Parker in disguise and his follower.
of the Dark Riders of Apocalypse. Jan Wajler, affiliated to Silvermane.
James MacDonal Hudson, and his wife, Heather MacNeil Hudson. A part of the Triad, one of Banner's personalities, triggered by the Puffball Collective in the Crossroad.
of the Pacific Overlords, West Coast Avengers villain Hawaiian Goddes met by X-Force.
Circus of Crime 
of the Old West. Fat Man, Doctor Danger and Iron Mask, all enemies of Two-Gun and Rawhide Kid. Ringmaster's, in several incarnations.
Doctor Danger 
of the Circus of Crime.  of the Unliving Legion.
alien, Doctor Doom's enemy. Pseudo-vampire, agent of Senator Ward.
Of the Old West, brothers. Gustav Krueger of the Serpent Society.
Shang-Chi enemy, affiliated with Pavane. Iron Man foe, with an armor and a skull-shaped helmet.
White Tiger 
Hector Ayala, using the amulets of the three Sons of the Tiger. Of the Heroes for Hire and Knights of Wundagore. Kevin "Casper" Cole.
With Thunderboot and Hammerhead I in the Triumvirate of Terror. With the Wrecker, Thunderball and Bulldozer II in the Wrecking Crew.
Daredevil's friend. Sleepwalker's enemy.
Of the Acolytes.  Of the Macabre's group. Of the Neo.
Tony Trainer, dr Kafka assistant. Arabian Knight enemy.
Paul Destine, Namor the Sub-Mariner's enemy. Deceased. Irene Adler, of the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants and Freedom Force. Mystique's lover. Deceased.
Partner of Mangler III, Captain America's foe, also in the Viper's Fangs. Partner of Cudgel, affiliated to Ransome Sole, enemy of the X-Men.
Jacques Moreau, of the Berserkers. Of the Circle of Pavane.
Shang-Chi enemy with a whip, partner of Skullcrasher I. Also affiliated to the Cat. In love for Wanda Maximoff, in anger woth Pietro Maximoff. Leader of the Circle of Pavane.
The black-dressed biker affiliated to Team 7. The Mr. Sinister's killers of Mutants.
Josiah X. Genetic son of Isaiah Bradley, supersoldier. Vance Astrovik of the Avengers, previously known as Marvel Boy of the New Warriors.
Phantom Eagle 
Karl Kaufman of the Five of the Liberty, fought Hulk and alongside the Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze). Lloyd Bloch of the Thunderbolts of the Counterearth II.
Gil Jeffers nocturne psichic alter ego, Hulk's enemy. Young mutant with electric powers obsessed by the Wasp.
James Bourne, terrorists' hunter. Spider-Man foe. Of the Slice & Dice Club, Speedball foe.
Gray Garrison, tech-warrior and hunter, affiliated to Mr Reynard. Enemy of Iron Fist.
Enemy of Captain America. Of the Emplate's men.
Of the Emplate's Men. Of Alpha Flight.
Johnny Horton, of the Titanic Three, now transformed in a real Griffin. Ekatarina Gryaznova, ex-Prime Sentinel.
Mr. X 
Wrestler who wrestled with Captain America Assassin, telepath Wolverine enemy.
Of the Invaders and All-Winners-Squadron. Benito Cerando of the Young Allies on Planet Doom.
Hero of the 40ies. Sam Wilson, of the Avengers, ex partner of Captain America.



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