The Wondrous WASP presents: the Homozigotes List of the Marvel Universe

HOMOZIGOTES (...and not, twins, in general)

  1. Wanda and Pietro Frank/Maximoff/Lehnsherr
  2. Jean Paul and Jeanne-Marie Baubier
  3. John and Jason, Darkhawk's brothers
  4. The Blood Brothers
  5. Andrea and Andreas Strucker
  6. The Bi-Beasts
  7. (*) Scarlet and Vision sons (they never existed or...)
  8. Tobias and Malachi (Kang e Mantis')
  9. The Lobo Brothers
  10. Gemini (of the Zodiac II)
  11. Brother(s) Voo-Doo 
  12. (*) The Grimm Brothers (I, Jake and William Dolly, but now?)
  13. Midnight's Fire and Silohuette
  14. Joey and Gailyn (Sara Grey's children, Jean's nieces)
  15. Ernesto and Luigi Gambonno of the Circus of Crime
  16. Betsy and Brian Braddock
  17. Dark Star and Vanguard
  18. Xi'an and Trahn Coy Mahn and...
  19. Leong and Nga Coy Mahn
  20. AC and DC (of the Warpies)
  21. Oto and Efialte (the sea twins)
  22. Desmond and Phoebe Marrs
  23. Rory and Pandora Destine
  24. Alysande and Alistaire Stuart
  25. Pinky & Hubert Fusser (Fusion I)
  26. Shell and Shot (of Shadowforce Alpha)
  27. Monet's brothers (of Generation-X)
  28. Wildblood/Occulus
  29. The Seeker I and II (of the Inhumans)
  30. The Kleinstock Brothers (of the Acolytes)
  31. Kevin and Mick (Volstagg's sons-in-law)
  32. Double Trouble (of Weapon Prime)
  33. Ox I and II
  34. Donna and Bess Bliss (Skin II and Bones II)
  35. Rosa and Marie Esteves (Skin I and Bones I)
  36. Assault and Battery
  37. Blacklight and Whitenoise (Deathbird's sons)
  38. The Naiads of Stepford (five little mutants of the Xavier and Frost's X-school)
  39. Stacey and Tracey Hoffner (kissed by Mammoth II)
  40. Timberius and Naanis (Inhumans)
  41. Quentin and Lenore (Red Lucy's sons)
  42. Killed by Lizard with their parents in the Everglades
  43. Alexandre (the first Zombie) and Laurent (the first Brother Voodoo)
  44. Larry and Lenny Cebulsky (respectively, killed by and shot Kingpin)
  45. The Murphy brothers (psichopathic killers, one was hired by Kingpin and killed Lenny Cebulsky)
  46. Roust and Joust (of the Abominations)
  47. Clare Dodgson and Ann Stafford (both possessed by the Enigma Force)
  48. Twin Enforcers of the Dermafree (killed by Mystique)
  49. Ned and Ted (met by Ant-Man on big Christmas)

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