The Wondrous WASP presents: the Marvel Universe Numbers List

NUMBERS: with a number on the suit, also see the "...and letters" list.

  1. The Fantastic 4
  2. Cell 22 (man? taken back from 6 million years in the future, he fought Black Panther)
  3. 0 (Stryfe's ultimate weapon and teleport android)
  4. The Big 1 (West coast Avengers foe)
  5. (*)  8-ball (I, Daredevil's friend, he hasn't got superpowers)
  6. Cloud 9 (affiliated to Excalibur)
  7. Double 0 (Samson's foe, her real name should have been Infinity)
  8. Number 1, 2... (and all the Secret Empire)
  9. Red 9 (Wallace Jackson, Spider-Man foe)
  10. 8-ball II (enemy of Sleepwalker)
  11. Shatterbox (Joey and Gailyn Bailey in the Lost Boys and Girls)


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