The Wondrous WASP presents: the Reds List of the Marvel Universe

REDS (26, not scarlet, not crimson, not violet, not pink, not ruby... Reds!) 

Red Skull(s). Johann Schmidt, the original and Albert Malik, the imposter of the '50, communist.
Red Guardian(s). The original of the '40ies, then Alexi Shostakov the successor and Black Widows II's husband. III: Tanya Belinsky now Starlight. IV: a mechanic replica of Alexi Shostakov. V: Josef Petkus now called the Steel Guardian. VI: Krassno Granitsky.
Red Ghost. Ivan Kragoff, another USSR citizen.
(*) Reddy, Winthrop Roan Junir, of the Team America.
Omega Red. Again a USSR villain!
Epsilon Red. Have I to repeat the same concept?
Red Stone. Deceased. Enemy of the Supreme Squadron of the counter-Earth.
Red Wolf(ves). Will Talltrees and his ancestor.
Eric the Red(s). Scott Summers, and Shakari the Shi'ar.
Red Queen, of the Crazy Gang.
Red Rajah. The Doctor Strange transformed.
Red Raven(s). The original, the substitute, mechanical, and the last.
Red Raven, of the old west. Rawhide Kid and Two-Gun's enemy.
Red Ronin, the big big robot, built to fight Godzilla.
Red Wolf III, Rojohn Smythe in the shape of the Wolf-God of Talbos
Red King and Red Queen of the English Hellfire Club.
Mr. Red, of the Rainbow Quartet. Criminals stopped by the Crimson Crusader and his assistant, Imp.
Red Shift. Powerful herald of Galactus.
Red Nine, Wallace Jackson. Teenager Spider-Man fan.
Red Warlock? Enemy of Ka-Zar, but was only an imposter (Ka-Zar vol.2 #9).
(*) "Red" Norvell, cameramen employed by Odin as Thor, to trick the Ragnarok and to substitute the real Thor.
Toro Rojo. Also called Red Bull, deviant of Lemuria who fought versus Thor. After in the Delta Force of Kro.
(*) Red Sonja. Actually Mary Jane Watson possessed by Red Sonja's spirit, for the time to fight Kulan Gath in our Era. The original Red Sonja belongs to the Hyborian Era.
Red Rose. Follower od the Rose, Richard Fisk.
Red Lotus. Master of martial arts, enemy of the X-treme X-Men. Son of a Chinese mafia boss of Sydney.
Red Zeppelin. Redskin, of the Unlimited Class Fwderation.
Red Lucy. Magneto and Scarlet Witch ancestor.


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