The Wondrous WASP presents: the Marvel Universe Schizoids List

SCHIZOIDS: more exactly only characters with multiple personalities.

Calvin Zabo 
Calvin Zabo, chemical, inventor of a serum that transforms him in Mr. Hyde. Mister Hyde. Thor and Captain America villain.
Susan Storm
Susan Storm Richards, also known as the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four, formerly the Invisible Girl. Malice, malicious personality created by Pshycho-Man and his pawn, Unger.
Bruce Banner 
Robert Bruce Banner, brilliant scientist. The grey, cinic and smart, Hulk. The green powerful, brain-child Hulk. The green, savage, exiliated Hulk.
Glow, part of the Triad, triggered by the Puffball Collective, representing Banner's reason. Goblin, part of the Triad, representing Banner's rage. Guardian.a part of the Triad, representing Banner's sense of survival.
Mary Walker 
Mary Walker, Matt Murdock's lover. Typhoid Mary. Daredevil enemy. Kingpin lover. Bloody Mary. Walker.
Norman Osborn 
Norman Osborn, owner of the Osborn Industries, father of Harry Osborn. The Green Goblin, who took the predominance on the other personality.
Miles Warren 
Professor Miles Warren. Brilliant genetist, fallen in love for Gwen Stacy. The Jackal. Criminal personality arisen after Miles warren killed his assistant Anthony Serba.
Carol Danvers 
Carol Danvers, ex-security chief at Cape Canaveral and director of Donna. Miss Marvel, created by the Psycho-Magnitron based on Carol Danvers body and Captain Marvel I's costume and powers. 
Rogue. Of the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants, and, after in the X-Men. Carol Danvers. Stored personality, after a long absorbing skin contact between Rogue and Miss Marvel.
Johnny Blaze 
Stunt-man, who made a pact with Satana. Ghost Rider, demonic being who possessed John Blaze.
Daniel Ketch 
Danny Ketch. Ghost Rider.
Starhawk, stellar God of the Arcturian star system. After with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Stakar, who first merged with Starhawk. Aleta, Stakar lover, who merged with Starhawk, too.
Janne-Marie Baubier 
Jeann Marie Baubier. Timid and introverse teacher, twin-sister of Jean Paul Baubier. Aurora. Extroverse  impulsive and disinhibited super-heroine of Alpha Flight.
Axis Agent 
Dangerous agent of the Third Reich, created mergin three different personalities in his brain. He also had triple strong, speed, etc.
Maa-Gor, savage-man of the Savage Land. Ka-Zar enemy. Man-God, golden-skinned powerful being transformed by the mutagenic mists of the Savage Land.
Strong and smart android created by the Bird-People of the Isle in the Sky. Copy of the first android created by the Bird-People of the Isle in the Sky.
Llyra, lemurian princess, Namor the Sub-Mariner enemy and killer of Lady Dorma. When she was Peter Parker's neighboor.
John Jameson (*)
John Jameson. Astronaut, Jonah J. Jameson's son. Werewolf by night, when hitten by the full-moon radiations. Star-God, on the Other Realm, enemy of Arisen Tyrk. 
Franklin Richards 
Franklin Richards, son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm. Mutant with enormous reality-shaping psi-manipulation powers. Ego-Spawn. Avatar.
Tattletale, oniric personality, friend of Power Pack. Psi-Lord.
Charles Xavier 
Charles Xavier, Earth's most powerful telepath. Evil side, who created false X-Men to fight the new X-Men. Onslaught. Evil personalty probably created by merging the Xavier's evil side with Magneto's personality.
Curt Connors
Expert biologist, who invented a serum capable to have the arms regrown. Human-like reptile personality, transformed and arisen from the serum ingestion.
Vincent Stegron 
Vincent Stegron, Curt connors colleague. Stegron, capable to command reptiles, also as big as dinosaurs.
Arisen Tyrk 
Arisen Tyrk. Tyrannical god-king of Other Realm enemy of Star-God. Lunatik I, II and III. Harrison Turk. Nilffim I, II, III.
Janie Madrox 
Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man. Of X-Factor. Of the Fallen Angels. Affiliated to Mr.Sinister.
Janus. Janus the Nega-Man. Fantastic Four enemy.
Dr. Obatu 
Dr.Obatu/Dr.Spectrum. Skrull/Stone.
Il Pugnatore 
Shang-Chi enemy. Lots of alternate personalities.
Gary Wilton 
Gary Wilton. Raptor II.
Jil Jeffers 
Jil Jeffers. Slasher V, Hulk enemy.
Chip Martin 
Chip Martin, Peter Parker college colleague. Schizoid Man, Spider-Man foe.
Eddie Cross (*)
Eddie Cross. Skinhead. Spider-Man enemy.
Black Shadow/White Shadow 
Black Shadow. Wolverine's enemy. White Shadow.
Sam Wilson 
Sam Wilson, the Falcon. Snap Wilson, the criminal.
Unnamed boy 
Boy. /Postman with rifle/Strong guy/Manny, Jack and Moe/Father with rope/Derrick and wife/Girl.
Eddie Brock 
Eddie Brock Venom
Paranoia Buio Necromancer.
Of the first SHIELD Super Agents, infiltrated, worked for the Corporation. Dead, cloned and revived by Arnim Zola. Animus. Strong humanoid with a large head, a crystal club and psi-telekinetic powers.
Sarah. Known by Peter Parker. Marrow. Of the Morlocks, Gene Nation, X-Men.


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