The Wondrous WASP presents: the Sparrows List of the Marvel Universe

SPARROWS (flying guys with name of a bird)

  1. (*) El Aguila (Alejandro Montoja, he does not fly)
  2. (*) American Eagle III (Jason Strongbow, he does not fly)
  3. Angel Hawk (Sun Moon's circus)
  4. (*) Billy Bird (Loonies, he doesn't fly)
  5. Bird-Man (I and II of the Ani-Men)
  6. Blackbird (or Jackdaw of Superia's Femizons)
  7. Bloodhawk (deceased)
  8. (*) Bluebird (Sally Avril, deceased, she did not fly)
  9. BrainBird (New Mutants friend)
  10. Buzzard (Knights of Wundagore)
  11. Cardinal (of Air Force)
  12. Cyrcus Pygargus? (Knights of Wundagore followers of Miles Warren)
  13. Cap'n Hawk (also American Eagle and Blue Eagle)
  14. The Condor
  15. Darkhawk
  16. Deathbird
  17. Evilhawk (Dargin Bokk, alien, Darkhawk enemy)
  18. Falcon I (hero of the 40es)
  19. Falcon II (Sam Wilson)
  20. (*) Griffin (he's not properly a bird)
  21. (*) Harpy (she is a half-bird)
  22. Killer Shrike (Simon Maddicks, of Air Force)
  23. (*) A yellow robot-bird of the Merry Maladies
  24. Nighthawk I (Kyle Richmond, deceased)
  25. Nighthawk II (Supreme Squadron)
  26. Oriole (of Air Force)
  27. The Owl (Leland Owsley)
  28. Le Peregrine (by Contest of Champions)
  29. (*) Phantom Eagle (Bruce Banner ancestor, he flied piloting a biplane)
  30. Phantom Eagle II (Lloyd Block of Planet Doom)
  31. Psihawk (transported from the New Universe)
  32. Raptor I
  33. Raptor II
  34. (*) Ravens (Crimson and the other)
  35. Red Raven I (Two-Gun and RawHide Kid enemy)
  36. Red Raven II (Liberty Legion)
  37. Red Raven III (the robot)
  38. Red Raven IV (Dania, Red Raven II's daughter)
  39. (*) Rooster Cockburn (Loonies, he doesn't fly)
  40. Skyhawk (Winston Manchester of the Heart Force)
  41. Skylark (or Lady Lark of Squadron Supreme)
  42. Snowbird
  43. Songbird (Melissa Gold of the Thunderbolts)
  44. Sparrow I (of Air Force)
  45. Sparrow II (H.R. O'Damia, mutant of the Underground Legion)
  46. Starhawk (of the Guardians of the Galaxy)
  47. (*) Tailgunner (a robot of the Loonies)
  48. Tanager (of Air Force)
  49. (*) Thunderbird I and II (John and James Proudstar)
  50. (*) Thunderbird III (Neal Sharra)
  51. Tomorrow Hawk (New Breed)
  52. (*) Tweedie (a robot of the Loonies)
  53. Vulture I (Adrian Toomes, the original)
  54. Vulture II (Drago)
  55. Vulture III (Clifton Shallot)
  56. The Vulturians
  57. Warbird
  58. (*) Warhawk I (Mitchell Tanner, Iron Fist villain)
  59. (*) Warhawk II (Tom Nakadai of the Harriers)
  60. (*) Warhawks (Ares followers)
  61. Windeagle (Hector Santiago Ruiz)

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