The Wondrous WASP presents: the Marvel Universe Stars List

STARS (star and stellar heroes):

  1. Starfox of Titan. Son of Mentor and brother of Thanos.
  2. Star-Dancer. Shanga, who fought the Thing and married Blu Diamond.
  3. Starbolt, of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard Royal Elite.
  4. Starstreak (Katie and Julie Power).
  5. Northstar. Jean-Paul Baubier, of Alpha Flight and the X-Men.
  6. Shatterstar I. Kree soldier, Falzon's son.
  7. Shatterstar II. Of Cable's X-Force.
  8. FireStar. Angelica Jones, once in the Hellions I, after in the New Warriors and the Avengers.
  9. Blastaar and Burstaar. Father and son, both from the Negative Zone. Fantastic Four classic enemy, the former, Genis-Vell enemy, the latter.
  10. (*) Moonstar (Danielle and her family, it isn't her battle name).
  11. Battlestar, of the Silver Sable's Wild Pack, after Bucky III with Captain America/John Walker.
  12. Star Jammers. Space adventurers led by Corsair. The Other members are Raza Longknife, Ch'od, Hepzibah and Sikorsky. Once Binary was part of the group.
  13. (*) Starcore, the space base, orbiting around the sun, created by Dr. Peter Corbeau.
  14. Darkstar. Lanya Petrovna, Vanguard's twin sister and The Presence's daughter. She controls the Dark Force. Dead in action with the X-Men.
  15. Starhawk. God of the Arcturus people, awaken by Stakar and Aleta. Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  16. Star Masters: Beta Ray Bill, Morfex, Quasar, Silver Surfer, Xenith.
  17. Star God, John Jameson, transformed by the moongem from the Other Realm. Also known as Man-Wolf, with the form and strenght of the Star God but without his intelligence and power.
  18. Star. Of Stick's Chastes.
  19. WarStar, of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard Royal Elite. He(it is formed by B'Nee and C'Cll.
  20. PoleStar, Spider-Man/Ben Reilly villain.
  21. Starthief, New Warriors enemy.
  22. Star Blasters, Skeletron, Nygorn, Threkker, Codabac, Insidio and Fabrikant. Quasar and Stranger's enemies.
  23. Stardust, captured by the Stranger. ROM and Quasar's enemy.
  24. Shooting Star, of the Rangers, then possessed by a demon.
  25. Starshine, Landra the Galadorian of the Spaceknights, Brandy Clark, and Starshine III, too.
  26. (*) Jonothon Starsmore (Chamber's surname).
  27. Starseed (or Star Breed?), the golden boy appeared to the Legion of Monsters.
  28. Mind-Star, Daimon Hellstrom enemy.
  29. Star Force. Kree super-group assembled by the Supreme Intelligence to fight during the Kree-Shi'ar war.
  30. Star Wolf, Dredmund Druid transformed by the lunar gem.
  31. Star Rom. Daredevil villain.
  32. Star Stalker. Avengers' and Pama Priests' enemy, after found in the Unliving Legion of Nefaria.
  33. Stellaris, alien, Thunderstrike's ally.
  34. Zvezda Dennista, also Morningstar of the Bogatyri and of the Dominators of the Pacific.
  35. Stellarax, Captain Mar-Vell enemy.
  36. Flaming Star, inspired by Manitou to create the Phantom Rider.


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