The Wondrous WASP presents: the Thunders and Bolts List of the Marvel Universe

THUNDERS AND BOLTS (on the costume.... hmmm, only the bolts) 

  1. Adam Warlock and Magus
  2. Apparition (Shocks Marley, Ghost/Blaze enemy)
  3. (*) Arkon (on the shield)
  4. Black Bolt
  5. Blackout I
  6. Blitzkrieg (Schutz Heiliggrupper)
  7. Blue Streak (on the legs of his first costume, now deceased)
  8. Bolt (Chris Bradley, of the New Warriors)
  9. Captain Forsa (killed by Zeitgeist)
  10. (*) Comet (Harris Morris, only when he flies)
  11. Nakia and Okoye, the Dora Milaje (Wakandan)
  12. Doc Samson (on his first red/blue costume)
  13. Dynamic Man (the Twelve)
  14. Eel I and II (both Leopold Stryke and Edward Lavell)
  15. Electro II (Max Dillon)
  16. Fatale (on the left eye)
  17. Firebolt (Roxxon mercenary, enemy of Blue Shield)
  18. Hurricane I (Harry Kane, criminal of the Old West)
  19. Leir (the "god" of Thunder, Invaders' enemy)
  20. (*) Living Lightning (only when he is flying and...)
  21. The followers of the Lord of the Living Lightning
  22. Lightning Fist (of the Wicked Brigade)
  23. Megaton (Captain Marvel's villain)
  24. Miss Marvel (Carol Danvers on the blue/black costume, now Warbird)
  25. Molecula I and II
  26. Psylocke (after the Crimson Dawn)
  27. Powerhouse II (the energetic mutant, enemy of the Beast and Spider-Man)
  28. Quagmire (on the eye)
  29. Quicksilver
  30. Spark (of the Avant-Guade)
  31. Speedemon (once Whizzer)
  32. Stasi (affiliated to Macabre)
  33. Storm (in one of her costumes)
  34. Tempest (of the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard)
  35. Thunderbolts (and Jolt in particular)
  36. Thundra
  37. Tommy Lightning (of the Crusaders)
  38. Tornado (of the Criminals of the old West)
  39. Volton (on the head)
  40. Wildstreak (on the hips)
  41. (*) Zzzax (it has not a costume)

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