The Wondrous WASP presents: the Untouchables List of the Marvel Universe

THE UNTOUCHABLES (with another meaning, intangibles)

  1. Astra (Shi'Ar Imperial Guard Royal Elite)
  2. Brahl (Korvac's minions)
  3. Darkoth (F4 villain)
  4. Deathhurge
  5. Death-Stalker (Daredevil villain)
  6. Fasaud (F4 villain)
  7. Fifolet (Assassins' Guild)
  8. Fogg (affiliated with Knight)
  9. The Ghost (Iron Man villain)
  10. Hellhounds (of the Dire Whraits)
  11. Libra IV (yes, he can change his density)
  12. Moonstone II (Karla Sofen of the Thunderbolts)
  13. Red Ghost (F4 villain)
  14. Scanner II (of the Acolytes)
  15. Scribe (or Red Rook of the London Hellfire Club)
  16. Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
  17. Shinobi Shaw
  18. The Sleeper IV
  19. (*) 11 The Stranger (he is too powerful)
  20. Tattoo (of Quentin Quire's group)
  21. Touchstone
  22. Undestructible (Psycho-Man's android)
  23. Vakume (Salem's Seven)
  24. Vision
  25. Will'o the Wisp (Spider-Man villain)

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