op. 38 for cello and piano. 
Three Pieces op. 43 for cello and piano. 
Trio for piano, violin and cello. 
Suite for violin and piano. 
Vassilev, Glavina, Anfossi. Agorà AG 192.1. 63'54''
Notes (It. Ingl.) Distribution New Carisch, S. Giuliano Milanese 
Technical judgment: Excellent. DDD Stereo. Study. St. Martin 8/98 
Beautiful natural recording. The relationship between the tools has balanced. 
Interpretation: Excellent 
Interesting disk that, to exception of the Theme with 1932 variations for vio

lin and piano, introduces us the whole room music of the author. meritorious Project because it allows of to give a glance to  a little known  rather unkown part of the production of a composer remained almost exclusively in repertoire with the work The Arlesiana and Adriana Lecouvreur to us……… 
The executions are very musical and you stamp to a honest discursive simplicity… .A the Sonata op. 38 was composed at the age of 22 and it possesses an expressive painful Breadth, well outlined from the authors with a melancholy not of manner. … Trio, work of a twenty-year old (1886), it seems the most homogeneous passage and the interpreters they succeed well in characterizing the bright footsteps, rhesuses with musical fun and the moments more musical, underlining the airy expressively and you refine melodies of the author……… .The performance of the interpreters is overall excellent, both in the technical details and in the definition of the score

Enrico Meyer
Cd Classical 1999

A Genoese Trio to the rediscovery of Francesco Cilea   
Cilea is said, and it immediately comes from to remember the best Magda Olivero in the round airy in you great flat "Io son l'umile ancella" of the first act of Adriana Lecouvreur. But this Calabrian author.... artistically "framed" between the composers of her "Young School", you is not devoted to the lyric work only. A recent CD remembers  "Francesco Cilea Chamber Music" published for the label Milanese Agorà, in which a young Trio  (Mario Vassilev violin, Giulio Glavina cello and Massimo Anfossi piano) it proposes an as interesting as few known and repertoire chamber music from Cilea… The delicate phrasing the extraordinary lyricism, sometimes the irony, the equilibrium of passages as the Sonata op. 38 in great king and the Suite in E for plain violin and cello, the three Pieces op. 43 for Cello and Plan, remembered by this incision deserve special attention and sincere plause of approval. Beautiful, warm and refined the interpretative reading of the three performers equally in relief in the varied moments of these pages from an impeccable recording. 

Gino Tanasini 
Il Giornale 1999


A cd to rediscover the masterpieces of Cilea 
… ... We welcome with great interest a record initiative that has for protagonist a young Genoese Trio…… .. three artists have engraved for the Agorà four jobs chamber music of Francesco Cilea: the Sonata op. 38 for cello and piano, "Three Pieces" op. 43 for cello and piano, the Trio in great king and the Suite in me great for violin and piano. Genoese Trio offered executions of number one exalting the melodic wealth and the elegance of the harmonic writing. Beautiful sound, together in harmony with intelligent expressive solutions: a beautiful test……

Roberto IovinoLa Stampa 1999