Samsung E500


Samsung E500

The following is a list of smartphones.

Symbian OS

FOMA (non-UIQ)

Nokia S60 (former Series 60)

Nokia 6680 running a WAP browserNokia 3620 (GSM 850/1900 successor of the 3650)Nokia 3660 (GSM 900/1800/1900 successor of the 3650)Nokia 7610 (First with 1MP camera)Nokia 7650 (First with camera phone)Nokia N80 (First S60 Smartphone with WLAN (Wi-Fi), 352 x 416 resolution and 3 Megapixel camera. Appears Q1 2006)Nokia N91 (First Symbian phone with hard drive)Nokia N92 (First Symbian phone with DVB-H)

See also: S60 platform

Nokia Series 80

See also: Nokia Series 80

Nokia Series 90

Nokia 7700 (produced in very limited numbers, this was the first series 90 phone. Though never available to consumers it was used in several commercial applications as a test of the interface. Samsung X150 Il nuovo Samsung SGH Z630.
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