Pipes from the wood
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My name is Mario Fenu and the pipes you can see on this page are all hand-made by myself.

I live and work in Varese, a city surrounded by woods and lakes and located in northem Italy, pretty close to Swiss borderline.

I handcraft all my pipes using Italian briarwood*; I try to obtain unique pieces which I sell directly without any intermediary in order to achieve a good balance between quality and prices. Moreover I handwork my pipes by means of natural products so that I can avoid useless pollution and damages to the environment. Mouthpieces are prepared to be provided with a 9-mm. filter and, on demand, can be made with a traditional hole.

In designing my pipes I prefer to follow classical lines, but I can easily work according to each customer's need and I can work on models which customers are specifically asking me to create. I personally take care of all the different manufacture phases and I am of course available in case any problem occurs after the purchase.

The prices of my products start from 78 euro (shipment fees included).

Mario Fenu

Mario Fenu
Via del Casluncio,44
21100 Varese - Italy
tel:+39 0332 227169 (evening time)
Fax:+39 0332 331879
e-mail: pipe_del_bosco@yahoo.it

* I use briarwood provided to me by the Romeos, a family from Liguria (an italian seaside region) that works on briarwood since more than fifty years. I would really appreciate that everyone who is about to ligth a pipe, whether it comes from a sophisticated brand or from a less famous one, would keep in his mind both the woodsman who finds the right log and the sawyer who cuts it; two very important tasks in pipes handworking which are often forgotten.

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