04/28: Added new L5's single cover, updated bardot discography with singles'covers and updated the home page.

           Updated   "links" section and from today there are 2 new midies!

04/25: It's confirmed: No angels brand new single "Something about us" will be out from 6tth may

04/23: Lollipop are at #18 with Batte forte and #42 with Down down down

04/22: From today is out 1st tears album, named "en rouge"

04/20: Today has been released the Tear's album tracklist... album's title is "En rouge" and has 12 tracks + 1 bonus

04/16: It's official...Bardot confirmed their decision to end the group's carrer... More information in

04/15: Lollipop are in chart with 2 singles... DOWN DOWN DOWN (#30) and BATTE FORTE (#22)