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[22-10-2004] Rally of Salento online!

Two months after the end of my holyday in the region of Salento (Italy), I put online a video of the crazy car driving a friend and I used to do along those roads during that period.
You can reach the download link from the howtos page.

[27-08-2004] New summer pictures!

I added the third picture page with some pictures of the Summer 2004

[16-07-2004] Web site restyled again and new pictures added!

The graphics has changed again, and new pictures [1, 2] have been added.

[18-03-2004] One More Restyle

I changed some CSS features over the web site. Now all the pages should look with the same style.

[23-02-2004] My Birthday

Yesterday it was my birthday (23rd :-), I gave a not-demolition-party at my place. Thanks to my friends for having celebrated with me with some chips, pizza and beers :-)

[11-02-2004] About this web site

Hi! This web site has been "refactored" :-)
I hope to put some more graphics and content as soon as I have some free time.. By the way, the old pages are still reachable, just follow the links on the menu on the left.