Reality Millions!!!

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Reality Millions is a REAL investment that provide real high returns and it's operate with an offshore company located on Vanautu

This program is owned by MIDAS an internet DOT .com Millionnaires

How can Midas provide this High Returns?

Simple. The Money Make Money, Right? More money you have and more interest you can Get from your investment, ok?

Midas invest your money in the same company where He invest his Money
Your deposit (es. 1000 USD) go to the same company where Midas has invested his money (Million of USD).


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How do I manage such high returns?

I have been asked this question many times, so I thought it best to explain it in this short note.

It is a known fact that the average person is not "privy" to returns on investments in "higher circles"! When your bank, insurance company and governments make their money, they make huge profits on your cash and investment.

Let's use your bank as an example...

You place $1,000 in an investment account fixed for a year. Rates vary from bank to bank and country to country, so we will use 12% per annum as an example. Your money after a year, with monthly interest compounded, will return you around $1,126 only.

The bank takes your cash and invests it in an international portfolio where they get say 25% compounded. What do they get back? On your $1,000 alone, they will return a total amount of $14,550. There is a massive difference $14,550 - your lousy $126 = $14,424 their profit!

So how do "they" return such high profits?

Without saying too much and getting involved in what countries "allow" citizens to do, let's just say that there are various ways. The more money you have, the higher return on investment you can get. Especially if you are privy to what is going on and use experts in the fields of stocks, forex, gold, hedge funds, private placements, spot trades.... the list can go on. Hedge funds as an example - the US does not allow it's citizens to use this powerful investment vehicle... why!?

It is not uncommon for returns of 300% - 400% to be made in days or weeks! But, you need the cash and you need to have the right people in the right place and time to effect a trade like this.

I take a simpler approach. I invest in a number of ways where I can gauge my return in a safer environment. Monthly profits as displayed on Reality Millions, falls into the "lower" category when we look at international markets and their returns, yet for the average guy it seems impossible... it ain't!!

During 2003, I witnessed a very good friend of mine turn $1 million into just over $3,6 million in 4 days; using the gold index... at the time, there were no big shakes in the market, and it was considered stable - yet he could turn it around and make this huge profit!

This is when I realized that although I do not have the expertise, I could use people like him to make my own cash work for me! This is the way you can approach Reality Millions - let your money work, it can make more than you can, doing what you are currently doing!

I trust this information makes some sense...

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