Dear friend, we are really happy to host you in our work-camps this summer!


The work-camps will be stationed in two small villages of “Valle Veddasca”, a beautiful, remote valley located in the Pre-alpine zone of Varese district, next to the Swiss border. The area is characterized by large broadleaf woods – in particular chestnut and beeches, and hosts a great number of animals, as well as traditional mountain farms and villages. Stretching into one of the most famous Italian lakes, the “Lago Maggiore” (a nice tourist place), the valley offers a unique panoramic position.


WHAT TO BRING: : sleeping bag, pillow case, water-flask, working clothes and shoes usable also for mountain walks, sun cream, sun hat, anti-mosquito, a small rucksack, raincoat, swim suit, warmer clothes for the evening since we are near the Alps. If you like you can also bring: camera, binocular, musical instruments, etc.


LANGUAGE OF THE CAMP: The volunteers have to speak a basic level of English.


DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITIES: the working time will be 6 hours for 5 days a week. We will help the local community in the clear cut and maintenance of the nearby mountain paths.


In the free time we will visit the best places of Lake Maggiore. There will be the possibility to  go swimming, kayaking, sun-bathing, site-seeing etc.

A FEW LITTLE AND IMPORTANT RULES: There are two basic rules needed to create a nice atmosphere during a work-camp: COLLABORATION and RESPECT. 

It's important to have clear in mind that all volunteers have to do all the activities of the camp (work, cook, clean up the accommodation etc.).

Another important rule is that participants should have respect for other people and for the environment.

The camp leader will organize working time and free time, always taking care of everybody’s needs. He/she will also have the control of the budget of the camp.

If a volunteer will not respect the rules of the camp, the camp leader is allowed to expel him/her from the camp..... but we are sure that this will never happen!


See you soon....!!!


Legambiente's team