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Samantha Di Paolo

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Samantha studied intensively in Buenos Aires with Alejandra Mantiñan, Guillermo Salvat, Pablo Villarraza and Dana Frigoli, among others. Moreover she studied jazz dance with July Swanson and Leontine Snel. Actually she attends the barre-à-tèrre classes teatched by Antonella Di Prospero in Rome and studies Modern Dance Limon Style with Anabela Lenzu. On december 2001 she graduates in Literature and Human Sciences in the University "La Sapienza" of Rome presenting a thesis about Tango technique and styles outside and inside the stage.


Samantha teaches regularly in Rome since 1999, and is requested to teach female tango technique all over Italy. In the Academic year 1999-2000 she took part in a project of the Municipality of Rome bringing forth a tango workshop for psico-physical handicapped people. On november - december 2002 she realized a tournée in Germany realizing workshops and exibitions through Berlin, Stuttgart, Muenchen, Bremen, Wuerzburg.
Vienna, June 2005: Workshop of Women and Men Technic, Tango level Intermediate and Advanced with Manuel Lodovici, organizacion by Jorge Bosicovich.
Tango-holiday week in Ostuni 20 - 26 August 2005, with Julian Elizari and Manuel Lodovici.

Samantha is actually partnering with several dancers, in Buenos Aires and Europe, developing different styles. Samantha is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English.


Show and exibition:

  • Tango and folclore "Patio Argentino" Show, for the Estate Romana, June - September 2005 in Rome, internacional cast, musicians, malambo champions. Partners: Julian Elizari, Manuel Lodovici.
  • Dancer for the italian Tournèe of the impressive Victor Volpe Trio, from Argentina, August 2005, with the dancers Julian Elizari and Manuel Lodovici.
  • August 2004, Festival Euro-Mediterraneo: Show dedicated to J.L. Borges with the artistic direction of Hugo Aisemberg, Lecce, Italy
  • May 2004, Buenos Aires: Performance representing the Suderland Club, famous and historic Milonga
  • June 2004, Buenos Aires: several performances on private events and turistic-shows
  • January 2004 Teatro Duni, Matera, Italy, dancing a show together with Jorge Bosicovich and a Quintet of musicians directed by Jorge Rossi
  • October 2003, Performances on Promo-Events organized by Vichy in Bologna, Padua, Rome, Italy
  • July 2003, tournée all over Sicily, Italy, dancing the music of the "Viento de tango Trio"
  • October 2002-January 2003, tournée all over Italy with the Show "Poesia del tango" directed by Gustavo Saenz and Georgina Vargas
  • November 2002 , Berlin, Germany, Philarmonie Theatre dancing on the Concert of "Quinteto Arrabal" directed by Coco Nelegatti
  • November 2002 , Berlin, Germany, Philarmonie Theatre dancing on the Concert of "Quinteto Arrabal" directed by Coco Nelegatti
  • Performances for several TV SHOWS ON Italian National TV RAI, for the Videoclip "Un Espejismo" with the argentinian singer Chaly Albert, and for the italian movie "Bibo per sempre."
  • Dancer in the Concerts of the Trio Buenos Aires Cafè, Koinè Ensemble, and of the Quartet Fourxtango, all over Italy
  • Dancer in the show "Desde el alma" on the First Latin-american Festival in Sassari, Italy
  • Performing on the Cultural Event "Note d'arte e cultura" organized by UNICEF on the Ghione Theatre in Rom, Italy
  • Performance for the show Novecento: un viaggio lungo un secolo of the italian choreographer Claudio Meloni
  • Exhibitions at the First and Second International Tango Festival in Rome, with the historic Orchestra of Jorge Arduh.
  • Several tango shows for cultural and artistic events, for private events in Clubs and South American Restaurants, among others the Restaurant Camblalache in Madrid, Spain, with the great singer Carlos Valentino.
  • Choreographie and direction of shows with her students in the Viganò Theatre in Rome.

  • As organizer, workshops with Alejandra Mantiñan and Gabriel Missé, and with Jorge Bosicovich in Rome.

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