His life


Gillo was found on the street in front of my house in June 1990. He was very young but healthy and we decided that his bithday was 1st May, 1990. He soon became my friend (I was 6 years old then) and my family approved to let him live in our flat.




Advised by our vet, we decided to have him castrated. Fortunately, he remained full of life and he didn’t get too fat. We spent together years of enjoyable friendship. He never got ill, thanks to the regular vaccinations.


In 1995 we moved to a new, bigger house. It was an exiting experience for Gillo. He had been very shy in the old flat: he never went out of the door. In the new house, instead, he loves exploring the garden! Once he escaped climbing on the fence: we were terrified by the idea of loosing him forever, but, after a couple of days, he came back home healty and happy! On June we took a dog, Lea. Surprisingly they soon became friends, despite of Lea’s exhuberance!


December 2003


We were having lunch in the kitchen, when Gillo suddenly begane behaving strangely, pushing his head against the pillow of the chair and moving his paws in the air: we understood he had got completely blind in few seconds. We tried to calm him and we phoned to the vet. After half an hour, Gillo returned to see: we tought the problem was solved, but the vet decided to give him a drug anyway. The day after Gillo became blind again; from that moment on he has never returned to see.


For a couple of months we and our vet has been unable to understand the reason of this accident. In february the aspect of his eyes changed and the vet understood that a heavy infection was damaging them. We started a strong (and expensive!) antibiotics therapy.


Now (may 04)



Gillo is still blind, his eyes are irreversebly destroyed. We continue giving him antibiotics because if we stop, the situation get worse. On the other hand, he eats a lot, behave quite normally, has learned how to move in the house and seems not to feel pain.


What can we do?


Our vet made blood exams and frequently visited Gillo. The conclusions is that the infection is still present, and it’s impossible to defeat it with antibiotics: Gillo urgentely needs an operation. The problem is that “cheap” anhestetics could kill him because of his poor health: a special kind of narcotic (“propofol” or something similar) is necessary, turning the operation more expensive.

We are living a terrible dilemma: Gillo is not suffering now and we are living beautiful days with him, but he absolutely need the operation as soon as possible. On the other hand, we cannot afford the whole cost of the operation and the successive therapies.


We are looking for about 400 $ to pay part of the costs related to the operation that Gillo urgentely needs. We think that it would be easy to collect this money if we found a lot of generous people. If everybody would play his part donating few dollars, we could save this poor animal, this friend that gave us years of beautiful experiences.



If you think that Gillo deserves our help and you can afford spending few dollars for this reason, please donate now clicking on the PayPal button below. We’ll keep you updated about Gillo’s conditions. Hereafter you’ll find a log of every donation received through this site. Thank you.



Luigi, Italy

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