Let's Trade!

Welcome to my trading page.
Everything on my list is for trade and not for sale.
My list include only unofficial material and I not accept trade with official ones.
I trade one for one.

There is, at this time, a small quantity of material on my list, but I hope to expand my collection, also with your help! However I hope you can find something you would like to have.

Please follow these rules for trade:
Use name brand cdrs (eg. TDK, Verbatim, Sony, Memorex, Kodak ) and please do not burn faster than 4x.
I send cdrs with printed artwork (a copy of the original, if I own it), please do the same if you are able to.
When you take the cdrs out of your burner, put them directly into a sleeve/paper, sleeve/case logic storage sleeve, or similar product for protection. I do this also.
Please burn the cdrs DAO (disc-at-once). If it is impossible for you to do so, please let me know and then wait for my response before burning them TAO (track-at-once).
I send the cdrs out in a care mail envelope, usually with extra packing around the discs. If you can, please do the same.
Send your cdrs without jewel cases, but please pack each one in a sleeve.