This site take its name from a Bees’ track which you can find on the third volume of the  Pebbles series and the Nuggets boxset .The Bees were one of the countless bands that infested every small or big town in the US in the mid-60s with their wild, young and innocent sounds trying to emulate their heroes from Great Britain (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Them, Yardbirds, Zombies etc.). Actually they were the unconscious creators of a “new”, exciting and  primitive music:

  The 60s garage!!

This term contains a wide spectrum of sounds: 60s punk, folk rock, psych, moody ballads but what matters is the attitude: music made by teenagers to express their feelings with FUN!To sum it up the 60s garage music was the swan song of the innocence of Rock and Roll.      


     The cover of the Bees' single "Voices Green And Purple/Trip To New Orleans" released in october '66 (in perfect '77 DIY art style).The note under the first title says "For best results listen to this in total darkness".Youch!!


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