Discography with Mp3 & Real Audio


Sylvio Cancrini G.:

1) Is it relaxing music? (1999) (19 tracks)

(cover photo by Sylvio Cancrini G.)

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Baby in the night   (real audio)

Why is there war in this world (Mp3)

Shelter from the storm (real audio)

Obsession (real audio)

Running on the sea (real audio)

Words & Music by Sylvio Cancrini G. except "Shelter From The Storm" by Bob Dylan


2) The nymph of death (2002) (18 tracks)


(cover photo by Eddy  Dal Ponte)

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Klaudia From Velvet is blonde on blonde (Mp3)

She says she understands (Mp3)

Little Dark Improvisation (Mp3)

Depilation (Mp3)

Strange dance (pow,pow,pow,pow...) (Mp3) 

Dance dance dance and shake it in this fuckin' life (Mp3)

It's like an exercise (Mp3)

Sexy Dance (Mp3)

Dreamin' the sea and playin' Piano (Mp3)

Words & music composed by Sylvio Cancrini G.


3) The Moments of live glory 1999/2003 (2004)


With "The Transformer Group" (early "Sylvio Cancrini G. Band"):

1) The first but live album 1993-2001 (2002) (36 tracks) (Double cd)


(cover photo by Giovanni Canitano)

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CD 1

Instrumental (Claudio Pontesilli) (Real Audio)

Stay (Pink Floyd) (Real Audio)

Idiot_wind (Bob Dylan) (Real Audio)

Childhood's end (David Gilmour) (Real Audio)

Presentation (The Transformer Group) (Real Audio)

Atom earth mother (funky dung) (Pink Floyd & Ron Geesin) (Real Audio)

Sultans of swing (Mark Knopfler) (Real Audio)

Lullaby (TheCure) (RealAudio)

CD 2

Shine on your crazy diamond (Pink Floyd) (Real Audio)

Is your love in vain? (Bob Dylan) (Real Audio)

Walk on the wild side (Lou Reed) (Real Audio)

Goodbye cruel world (Roger Waters) (Real Audio)

Is your love in vain? (incl. "Walk on the wild side" medley bass) (Bob Dylan & Lou Reed) (Real Audio)

Have a cigar (Roger Waters) (Real Audio)

Sweet Jane (Lou Reed) (Real Audio)

Tracks composed by various artists indicated inside of parenthesis near by titles


Claudio Pontesilli

1) Sweet Claudio Guitarrist (2001) (28 tracks)

 (Produced by Sylvio Cancrini G.)

(cover photo by Sylvio Cancrini G.)

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train in vibrate dark (version 1) (Real Audio)

Guitar & volume (version 1)(Real Audio)

Looking like Muddy waters (Version 2) (Real Audio)


FIRTH  OF FIFTH (Real Audio)

Guitar and volume  (VERSION 3) (Real Audio)

DON'T LEAVE ME  NOW (Real Audio)



All music and  played composed by Claudio Pontesilli

except n. 12  composed by Pink Floyd & Ron Geesin

n. 15 by Genesis

n. 25 by Pink Floyd

n. 24 by Roger Waters

n. 28 by David Gilmour & Anthony Moore