All & total live songs played also something from these songs as medley by Sylvio Cancrini G. Band.

1) So far away (Dire Straits)

2) Into the groowe (Madonna)

3) One of these times (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

4) Tomorrow is a long time (Bob Dylan)

5) Smalltown (Lou Reed & John Cale)

6) Mother (Roger Waters)

7) It's all over now, Baby blue (Bob Dylan)

8) Vicious (Lou Reed)

9) Another brick in the wall (part 2) (Roger Waters)

10) Another brick in the wall (part 1) (Roger Waters)

11) Cadillac Ranch (Bruce Springsteen)

12) Atom Heart Mother (Funky Dung) (Pink Floyd & Ron Geesin)

13) The Final cut (Roger Waters)

14) Walking on the street (suite in 5 parts) (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

15) Little dark improvisation (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

16) Running on the sea (Sylvio Canrini G.)

17) Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)

18) All along the watchtower (Bob Dylan)

19) Vicious circle (Lou Reed)

20) Goodbye cruel world (Roger Waters)

21) Little arpeggio improvised by Claudio (Claudio Pontesilli)

22) Shelter from the storm (Bob Dylan)

23) Blowin' in the wind (Bob Dylan)

24) Like the old wall in Berlin (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

25) Step by step (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

26) Sinān Capudān Pasciā (Fabrizio De Andrč - Mauro Pagani)

27) Cremation-ashes to ashes (Lou Reed)

28) Tatiana (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

29) Where am I now? (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

30) Sweet Jessica and 2 Claudias (incl. "Walk on the wild side" medley) (Sylvio Canrini G. (& Lou Reed))

31) Ballad of Hollis Brown (Bob Dylan)

32) Fernes leid (Calva Y Nada) (medley into "Ballad of hollis brown")

33) New Pony (Bob Dylan)

34) Gotta serve somebody (Bob Dylan)

35) Stop (Roger Waters)

36) Croccante: I gioppini (?: italian publicity)

37) Desolation row (Bob Dylan)

38) Men of good fortune (Lou Reed)

39) Blues Guitar (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

40) The happiest days of our lives (Roger Waters)

41) Join in the chant (Nitzer Ebb)

42) Murderous (Nitzer Ebb)

43) Love sick (Bob Dylan)

44) That's the way, I like it (? ?)

45) i papaveri e papere (Nilla pizzi: played by Beniamino Gigli, too)

46) Gioca Barbie Gioca Mattel (?: Italian Publicity)

47) Born in the U.S.A. (Bruce Springsteen)

48) Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel)

49) Lullaby (The Cure)

50) It's like an exercise (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

51) Buckets of rain (Bob Dylan)

52) Senor (tales of Yankee power) (Bob Dylan)

53) Run run run (Lou Reed)

54) It's a miracle (Roger Waters)

55) Baby in the night (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

56) Comfortably numb (Roger Waters & David Gilmour)

57) Satellite of love (Lou Reed)

58) Underneath the bottle (Lou Reed)

59) Song to Woody (Bob Dylan)

60) Walk on the wild side (Lou Reed)

61) Let it be (The Beatles)

62) Ebony & Ivory (Paul McCartney)

63) Knockin'on heaven's door (Bob Dylan)

64) Klaudia From Velvet is blonde on blonde (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

65) She Says She Understands (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

66) Depilation (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

67) Dance Dance Dance and shake it in this fuckin' life (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

68) Sexy Dance (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

69) last great american whale (Lou Reed)

70) Picture of you (The Cure)

71) 905 (John Entwistle of "The Who")

72) Why is there war in this world? (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

73) Is your love in vain? (Bob Dylan)

74) Comfortably numb (Roger Waters & David Gilmour)

75) Blind People (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

76) Dreamin' the sea and playin' piano (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

77) Love Minus Zero/No limit (Bob Dylan)

78) Strange Silence (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

79) Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)

80) Danilo's guitar (Danilo Scheggi)

81) Danilo's guitar (Danilo Scheggi)

82) Sweet child of mine (Guns'n'roses)

83) Dance dance dance and shake it in this fuckin' life (Sylvio Cancrini G.)

84) Albachiara (Vasco Rossi)

85) Star Spangled Bunner (?)

86) Hard rock improvised by Jonna (Jonna)

87) Danilo's composition (Danilo Scheggi)

88) Siamo solo noi (Vasco Ross)

89) Little dark improvisation (Sylvio Cancrini G.) (with vocal version)

90) Pinocchio Perchč no? (?: sigla of an animation cartoon)

91) With or without you (U2)

92) Dancing in the dark (Bruce Springsteen)

93) Stand By Me (Ben E. King) (John Lennon's version)

94) Every Breathe You Take (Sting & The Police)

95) In the summertime (Bob Dylan)

96) You can leave your hat on (randy Newman) (Joe Cocker's version)

97) Lay lady lay (Bob Dylan) (also "Duran Duran"'s version)

98) ? (?)

99) La Societa' dei Magnacioni (Gabriella Ferri)

100) Danilo's composition (Danilo Scheggi)

101) Walk this way (Rum Dmc)

102) Smoke on the water (Deep Purple)

103) Danilo's composition (Danilo Scheggi)

104) Like A Virgin (Madonna)

105) Empty Spaces (Roger Waters)

106) One too many mornings (Bob Dylan)

107) Unknown famous sigle tv (?)