name: Baffo

age: 16

he plays: guitar & vocals

hobbies: to say 'la merda' and to wear texan shoes

heroes:steve satriani, joe malmstiiin

special thanx:manfredo cascatombi



name: pxpx aka tea machine guy

age: 16

he plays: guitar, trumpet and bullshits

hobbies: to sprinkle tea from the nose and to say nonsense words

heroes: big jimmy and the bills, bonanno&fascetto

special thanx: francantonio cascatombi



name: pliska

age: 16

he plays: bass, xylophone and stupid presence

hobbies: graverobbing in the school, to sniff fuel

heroes: palastenyk mouse, terence hill vs budweiser

special thanx: clotonio cascatombi


name: smi

age: 16

he plays: chicco guitar, vocals and sometimes the synth

hobbies: to spit catarrh and to turn into a teletubby

heroes: luna & the skiorbis, reverendo canappa & the spooky guys

special thanx: gioele cascatombi


name: pallino

age: 17 ( but already pensioner)

he plays: drums and uan-tzò-tzi-fou

hobbies: to eat sandwiches and to repeat school yearz

heroes: the blackkut boys, the boyskuts

special thanx: erasmo cascatombi

  just 3 more thanx: EL POLLO DIABLO, the holy potatoes and the holy frog against the black dragon
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