Ithaca Pagan Page
This page exists for the sole purpose of providing Neopagans in the Ithaca area a place to meet and work with each other.
Active Pagan and Pagan Friendly Groups
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Ithaca Reclaiming Community
The above link is to the local Ithaca Pagan list. You are invited to join it if you are interested in receiving info about events and to chat about topics of Pagan interest.
Ithaca Reclaiming is a circle working in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft within the framework of the Reclaiming Principles of Unity. We are committed to ecstatic practice, deep connection, and working the marriage of spirit and politics through magical activism in ourselves and in the world. We are a feminist and non-hierarchal group coming together to co-create the world in which we want to live. We expect to offer classes, rituals, and magical actions that are open to the community. For more information, contact Zoe Soulspirals
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The Braided Wheel Tradition
The Braided Wheel Tradition is a degree based Wiccan tradition that does not require initiation into a coven in order to receive initiation in the degrees of a tradition. We are Chakra rather than Cabala based but are open to many pantheons and paths to the sacred. Our tradition places a strong emphasis on community service, open public rituals, and teaching. Contact Buddha Buck, (607)-279-5186,
If you live in or around Ithaca and have a Pagan group  that you would like listed on this page, contact Laurie Miller  at
The Coven of the Heron
The Coven of the Heron is a degree-based teaching and clergy training coven, part of the RavenMyst Circle. The Herons are facilitated by Lady Blaze, High Priestess of RavenMyst.   Contact Gail Wood for more information at
Witchwood is a teaching and celebratory circle offering classes, workshops and rituals in Wicca, Witchcraft, Tarot, shamanism, labyrinths, Reiki and other alternative spirituality subjects.  Facilitated by Gail Wood (Priestess) and Mike Swales (Priest).  Witchwood helps each celebrant find and practice their own spiritual path.  Life passage ceremonies are available.  The listserv is:
Local Pagan Clergy
LunaSolis Coven
This is a list of local clergy members who are available for life passage rituals (hand fastings, funerals, weddings, short-term counseling, and more)

Gail Wood
Rauncie Pelletier/ Phoenix Medusa
- eclectic Wiccan, Living Tapestry tradition-
Laurie Miller/Lady Sinuhe- Egyptian Path-
We are a degree based teaching and celebratory coven. Our emphasis is on teaching and experiencing Wicca as a path for magical living and personal transformation. Our goal is to provide a rich spiritual home for our members. We offer occasional open workshops, labyrinth walks,   and public rituals. Stay informed of our activities, and those of our friends, through our email list, LSC-Circle For information on the coven, contact Janis Strope at
*This page editted  by Laurie Miller December 2007.