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African American History:

African American Women Writers: http://digital.nypl.or/full.htm and

African American Religious History:

African Old Testament Scholarship:

American Academy of Religion Syllabi Project:

American Schools of Oriental Research:

American Poets:


Anabaptist History:

Anabaptist Oxford Hypertext Project:

Ancient and Medieval History Resources (Argos):

Ancient History and Archaeology-1:

Ancient History Resources (A-Z):

Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus:

Ancient Mediterranean:

Ancient Mesopotamia History Links:

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Antisemitism (Chrysostom “Against the Jews”):

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ATS – Association of Theological Schools Online:


Baptist History Resource Page:

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Bible Browser – Scholarly Technology Group:

Bible – Crosswalk Study:

Bible Gateway:

Bible Review and Biblical Archaeology:

Biblical and Religious Art and Music:

Biblical Archaeology Society:

Biblical Studies on the Web:

Biblical Studies – Tyndale House:

Biblical studies Resources:

Bibliography: Languages and Bookstore Info:

Billy Graham Center:

Bioethics Stem Cell Research:

Bioethics Stem Cell Research:

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Canaan and Ancient Israel:

Canon Formation, Gospel Parallels (Furman Course):

Canon Formation (Catholic Encyclopedia):

Canon Formation (F. F. Bruce`s Book):

Canon Formation (Hahneman's Book):

Canon Formation (Lee MacDonald's Book):

Canon Formation (PYM Bibliography):

Canon Formation (Slide Lecture):

Catholic Encyclopedia :

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Christian Classics – Institute for Christian Leadership:

Christian Ethics and Moral Theology


Christian Ethics:

Christian Ethics – Language of Violence:

Christian Ethics – Landmines:

Christian Ethics – Decade of Non-Violence:

Christian Ethics – World Hunger :

Christian Literature:

Christian Classics Ethereal Library :

Christian Classics Ethereal Library :

Christian Muslim Dialogue :

Christian Resources :

Christian Resources – Lambert Dophins WWW Links :

Christianity in Japan :

Christianity Online :

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Christianity Today :

Chronology of the Ancient Near East:

Church Library Online:

Church History – USA 17-20th Centuries:

Church Fathers:

Church Fathers (Download Full Set for Free):

Church History (Medieval & Old English):

Church History, the Hall of :

Church and State Issues:

Classics: Greek and Latin – 1: and

Classics : Greek and Latin – 2 :

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology (Plus):

Computer Sites – 1: Computer Shopper:

Computer Sites – 2: Sharware:

Computer Help : FAQ:

Computer (Properly Terminating a Domain Name): and

Coptic Lnaguage:

Coptic Church: and

Coptic Gospels in English and Spanish:

Coptic Gospel of Thomas – Interlinear:

Copyright Issues Related to the Internet:


Cross Search for Bible and Theology:

Crusades (WWW Links):

Dead Sea Scrolls: ; see also Qumran


Dead Sea Scrolls: ; see also Qumran

Desk Reference: and Yellow Pages:

Desk Reference – Dave's Resource Links :

Desk Reference – the People Finder:

Desk Reference – Phrases and Fables:

Desk Reference on Religions:

Desk Reference – John Bartlett's Quotations:

Desk Reference and Libraries on line:

Dictionary – German :

Dictionary – Phrases and Fables:

Dictionary – Webster:

Dictionaries of the World's Languages:

Dictionaries for Many Languages:

Duke Papyrus Archive:


Early Church Documents:

Early Christian Writings:

eBooks – 1 : http://etext.lib.virginia.ecu/ebooks/ebooklist.html

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Edersheim's Life and Times of Jesus:

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Egypt Gallery:

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Egyptian Mythology:

Egyptology Resources:

Encyclopedia Britannica :

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Encyclopedia of Christianity :

Encyclopedia of the Orient:

English Grammar/Style:

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English Literature and Religion:

English Literature – 1:

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Ethics – Classical Texts :

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Fellowship for Reconciliation:

Feminist Theology: (German) (English)

Feminist Theology (Anti-Feminist) :

Font Archive (International & Foreign Fonts):

Fonts: Download Scholars Press Hebrew, Greek, and Syriac freeware fonts for internet use :

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Garden of Eden:

Geniza Research:

Gospel of Mary :

Gospel of Thomas – 1 : http://home.epixnet/~miser17/Thomas.html

Gospel of Thomas – 2 :

Gospel of Thomas Interlinear:

Gospel of Thomas Interlinear :

Greek Literature – Perseus Project:

Greek and Latin Texts online:

Greek, Hebrew and Ugaritic Online (Quartz School):

Gutenberg Project – Electronic Books:

Gutenberg Project for German Literature:


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History of Mesopotamia:

History – Age of Charles V (Graphics) :

Holocaust Museum:

Holocaust Studies on the Net:

Holocaust Studies (Japanese Ambassador):

Humbul Humanities Studies (German, French, etc):

Humanities Research (U of C, Santa Barbara):

Humanities Text Initiative (Michigan):


International Fellowship of Christians and Jews:

ISBE – International Standard Bible Encyclopedia:

Internet – A Beginners Guide to the Internet:

Internet – How to Cite Internet Sources:

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Internet – Free Home Page:

Internet – Public Library :

Internet – Publishing:

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Interview with God Screen Saver:

Ioudaios Discussion Group:

Islam :

Islamic History:

Islam and the Quran:

Islam and the Quran:

Islamic News:


Japan – Christianity in Japan :

Japanese Texts – 1 :

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Jerusalem Perspective Online:

Jesuit Links:

Jesus Seminar :

Jesus in Other Religions:

Jewish American History :

Jewish Christian Dialogue :

Jewish History :

Jewish Studies (Donald Binder) :

Jewish Studies (Princeton Library):

Jewish Texts and Torah: and

Jews-Not – Zionists:

John Templeton Foundation:


Journal of Hebrew Scriptures :

Journal of Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament:

Journal of Theological Studies:

Journals Online:

Journals Online (58 in Religion) :

Journal “ Religion Today” :

Journal “Review of Biblical Literature” :

Judaism :

Judaism (First Century) :

Judaica (Donald Binder) :

Judaism and Christianity Resources:

Judaism Resources (Ginezber's Legends of the Jews) :

Judaical Libraries and Judaic Web Resources :



King James Bible Translators:

King James Controversy :

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Language of Jesus – 1 :

Language of Jesus – 2 :

Language of Jesus – 3 :

Language of Jesus – 4 :

Languages – Akha to Yiddish:

Language Tutorials A-Z:

Latin Dictionary Online:

Latin and Greek Texts Online:

Law and Religion, Rutgers Journal of :

Lectionary - Sermons:


Left Behind” Series :

Lemba Jews of South Africa :

Libraries and Desk References online:

Library – Universal (Carnigie Mellon University):

Library of Congress:

Library – Internet Public Reference Center :

Library – Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Library – Resources by Libraries and Librarians:

Library – Vanderbilt Divinity School :

Literature – English, French, German, Spanish, plus 11 other languages :

Luther – German Literature Database:


Maps – Including the Near East :

Mary Magdalene: and

Medieval Resources – 1 :

Medieval Resources – 2 :

Medieval Resources (Argos):

Medieval and Ancient History source Book :

Medieval Source Book – Saints` Lives:

Mesopotamian :

Mennonite History:

Missionary Electronic Texts:

Music – Tut's Trumpet:

Music – A Wide Range of Midi Files, 30,000 Links:

Musical Instruments (Shophar):

Muslim Directory Online:

Myths and Legends:

Mythology (Egypt, Africa and Asia):


Nag Hammadi and the Metagospels:

Nag Hammadi Library:

National Council of Churches – 1 :

National Council of Churches in India :

Net Bible :

New Testament – Second Temple Synagogue, Plus :

New Testament Commentary (Talmud and Hebraica) by John Lightfoot (1602-1675) :

New Testament – Gateway Maps :

New Testament – Gospel of John :

New Testament – Harmony of the Gospels:

New Testament – Old Versions:

New Testament Educational Resources:

NT – Apocryphal Gospel of Barnabas and Islam :

NT – Evangelicals and the Canon :

NT – Jesus of Nazareth in Early Christian Gospels:

NT – Jesus Seminar :

NT – Synoptic Gospels Primer:

NT – Synoptic Problem:

NT – Canonical Status of Q:

NT – Mark without Q:

NT – Non-Canonical Texts (150 links):

Nobel Museum :


Occultopedia :

Online Journals (Biblical Studies in the Web):

Online Tutorials:

Online Tutorials:

Online Tutorials:

Online Language Tutorials:

Online Technology Tutorials:

Oriental Institute – Abzu:

Orthodox Literature (e.g., #19 Russian Anti-Semitism):

OT – Amos – Multimedia Commentary:

OT – Job (God's Answer to) :

OT – Job Studies – 1:

OT – Job Studies – 2:

OT – Song of Solomon:

OT – Wisdom Literature Course :

Oxford Humanities Bulletin Board:

Oxford English Dictionary – Daily Sample Word only :


Papyrology: (Select papyrology)

Papyrus Archive (Duke University):

Papyri: Greek, Hebrew, Latin text on Marriage and Divorce:

Para -Church – Promise Keepers:

Para – Church – Campus Crusade for Christ :

Pastor's Pointers: (UMC):

Pastor's Pointers: (22 links) :

PBS Online :

Peshitta (Syriac New Testament Interlinear):

Philosophy :

Philosophy Encyclopedia :

Philosophy in Cyberspace – 1 :

Philosophy in Cyberspace – 2 :

Photo Valet :

Pseudepigrapha (Life of Adam & Eve) – 1:

Pseudepigrapha (Old Testament) – 2 :

Pseudepigrapha (Old Testament) – 3 : http://www.bible2000/org/forgottenindex.htm

Pseudepigrapha (Old Testament) – 4 :


Qumran/ Dead Sea Scrolls:

Qumran/ Dead Sea Scrolls:

Qumran (Josephus and Rabbinic Texts) :

Qumran – Shrine of the Book:

Qumran Isaiah Scroll :

Qumran & Dead Sea Scrolls Bibliography :



Radio International :

Radio Music Search:

Reform Theology:

Religion Online – 1 :

Religion Online – 2 :

Religion Resources – 1:

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Religion Resources – 3:

Religion Resources – 4:

Religious Resources 1 – 5 :

Religion and Ethics – 1:

Religion and Ethics – 2:

Religious Broadcasters and Televangelism:

Religious Broadcasters, National:

Religious Freedom Page:

Religious Movements, Media and Para -Church:

Religious Texts from A to Z – Internet Texts: and

Religious Tolerance :

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies:

Review of Biblical Literature:

Rhetorical Criticism:

Roman Catholic Apologetics:

Rutgers Virtual Religion Index (Excellent):


Sacred Texts of the World Religions:

Sacred Texts – the Quran/Koran:

SAIACS (South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies):


Samaria – Sebastia :

Search Engines : See Browsers

Second Temple Synogogoues:

Sermons based on the Lectionary:

Sermons based on the Lectionary:

Sermons – thousands of them: and

Sermons – thousands more:

Seven Wonders of the Ancient world :

Sexual Harassment – 1:

Sexual Harassment – 2: http://

Sexual Harassment – (13 Links) :

Sexual Harassment – 4 – Equal Employmnet Opportunity Commission:

Shakespeare: and

Shakespeare and Anti-Semitism:

Society of Biblical Literature WWW Resources (Fonts/Journals):

Society of Biblical Literature:

South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies:

Southern Baptist Historical Archives:

Southern Baptist Founders Online:

Spanish, German, French, etc, Online Literature:

Spanish Online:

Spirituality and Theology Resources

Spurgeon's Archives:

Spurgeon's sermons:

Summa Theologica :

Syriac Studies:


Tanak (Hebrew Bible, Talmud, Mishnah, etc):

Tanak (Hebrew Bible – Aleepo codex Text): http//


Televangelism – Fallwell:

Televangelism - Schuller:

Televangelism – Swaggert:

Textual Criticism:

Theological Resources (woodstock Center, SJ):

Theological Education on the Internet (Quartz School):

Theological Education on the Internet (Links A-Z) :

Theology Resources FQI:

Theology Resources (Boston College):

Theology Resources on the Internet:

Theological Studies Journal:

Theology Term Papers from Boston University:

Theology (College Theology Society):

Theology and Religion (King's College):

Theology and Religion – Wabash Center:

Travel Search for History and Literature:

Travel Network and Information (American Express):

Truth and Reconciliation Commission:




Tutorials (Language):

Tutorials (Technology):

Tyndale House – Biblical Studies:


Ugaritic, Hebrew and Greek, Online:

Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India :

USA State Department:

USA National Archives:

USA National Gallery of Art:

USA National Security Archives:

USA Census Bureau:

USA Federal Publications and Documents in the News:

USA – Library of Congress American Memory:

USA CIA World Fact Book :

USA White House:


Virtual Library, Including the Humanities:

Vanderbilt Divinity School Library:

Vietnam Memoir:


Web Resources : 1000+ listed under 100+ subjects Listed A-Z):

Web Semitic Research Project:

Western European Online Literature:

Wheaton CCEL (Christian Classics Ethereal Library) :

Womanist Theology – 1 :

Womanist Theology – 2 :

Womanist Theology – 3 :

Womanist Theology – 4 :

Women in Judaism :

World Council of Churches – 1 :

World Council of Churches – 2 :

World of Faiths:

World Hunger Photos:

World of Art Treasures:

Writing Links:

WWW Virtual Library:


eXcellent Site – Web Resources :

eXcellent Site – Rutgers Virtual Religion Index :

eXcellent Site – World Literature Online:

eXcellent Site – Woodstock Theological Resources :

eXcellent Site – Theology and Religion – Wabash Center :

eXcellent – iTanach: Resources for Teaching Hebrew Bible :

eXcellent Site – Resources for Judaism & Christianity (Penn):

eXcellent Site – NT – Second Temple Synagogue, Plus, Plus:


Yale Divinity School Library (Biblical Reference Tools):

Youth – High School Students Resource Page:

Youth – College Rankings:

Youth – College Board Online :

Youth – College Net :

Youth – Colleges and Universities World Wide Link:

Youth – Preparation for College:

Youth – Financial Aid: and

Youth – Mapping Your Future:

Youth Help with Math:

Youth – Research and Writing Tutorial :

Youth Index of School subjects and relevant Internet links:

Youth – International Mentoring Service :


Zip Files of the Church Fathers, Bibles, etc for Free:


American Baptist Churches USA:

America and American Churches :

Assyrian, Syrian, Orthodox Churches:

Canadian Baptists :

Anglican Catholic:

Anglican Online:

Anglican Prayer Book Society of Canada :

Canadian Baptist Archives:

Catholic Information Network:

Catholic Assyrian Church of the East:

Church of North India:

Church of South India (CSI) :

Church of South India, Synod:

Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt:


Iranian-Persian Christian Churches:

Kerala Christianity:


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Metropolitan Gay:

Russian Orthodox Church:

Seventh Day Adventist:

South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) :

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Syriac Orthodox Resources:

Wycliffe Associates:

Find Church :



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