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Spells to Stop Abuse

A reminder that no one should have to put up with physical, emotion, or sexual violence. If you are in a relationship where someone is abusing you, one of the best ways to stop it is to leave and reassess your relationship this applies even if it is just a friendship or even a working relationship. Consider if it is really worth staying. If you are hurting someone then get help the problem is with you not them, there are safe ways to express anger and to feel empowered. No one has the right to harm another, if nothing else there is the law of three to remember.

****Spell for Domestic Violence****

Materials needed:

1. a small jar with a screw top ( the small spice jars bought in the grocery are ideal) which will symbolize the home.

2. a piece of red cloth cut in the shape of a heart.

3. some brand-new sewing needles (one for each member of the family)

4. a few strands of hair from each member of the family

5. a two ounce mixture of equal parts honey and sweet wine

6. 1/4tsp. of the following herbs; vervain, passion flower, dulse, and a piece of John the Conqueror root.

7. Cooling Anger incense

8. two pink candles (Light pink)

9. two blue candles (light blue)

10. one red candle (bright red)

NOTE: Since the needles will symbolize each member of the family, the strand of hair belonging to that person is to be passed through the eye of the needle that will represent that individual. Each needle is to be named and concecrated. Be sure that you tie the strand of hair which you have passed through the needle's eye to prevent it from detaching itself from the needle.

Take each of the needles and fasten them to the heart cut form the red cloth. Place this in your jar. put your herbs into the jar, then pour your mixture of honey and sweet wine over the herbs until the jar is filled.

If you like, you may chant the following while doing these steps(I would recommend it.)

"In peace and love
the family will be,
living together in harmony.
In peace and love as it should be,
each member strives for harmony.
As the home is a paradise of love, each working together harmoniously."

Light the pink candle's # 1 and # 2 as you affirm:

Love, shine your light from above,
make this home a paradise of love.
All for one and one for all,
the motto for this home of love.
These hearts filled with love we see,
care for each other constantly.
Always ready to do what's right,
never to harm or the other fight.
Love , shine your light from above,
to make this house a paradise of love.

Light the blue candles #3 and #4 (while affirming)

Peace and love are known to thee,as you daily strive for harmony.
All working together constantly, within the home, living peacefully.
Peace and love are known to thee,
as all daily strive for harmony.

Light the Red candle #5 (giving affermation)

Here is strength which comes
to the home, to strenghen the bonds
of love that is shown.
To live peacefully
all work earnestly,
making this house a home, you see.

Allow the candles to burn for a few minutes. This ritual is to be done daily, moving the red candle three inches in a clockwise circle around the filled jar, two pink candles and two light blue candles until the red candle returns to it's original position below pink candle # two.

At the completion of the ritual, cap the jar and keep it in a safe place in the home or on your own altar or place of daily prayer.

(~)Charm Against Abuse(~)

Rub an arrowhead with lavender, and carry it on your person to protect yourself from abusive situations.

To combat abuse mental or physical


purple candle


vegetable oil




bay leaf

3 inches red ribbon or yarn

3 inches white ribbon or yarn

3 inches black ribbon or yarn

cloth pouch

Inscribe the candle with the petitioners name and birth date, then anoint it with vegetable oil. Roll the candle in a mixure of powdered rue, clove, cinnamon, bay leaf, and bazil, while chanting:

Herbs mix and mingle well,
Add your power to this spell.

Put the candle in a holder and place it on the altar.Gather the ribbons together and tie a knot at one end. Braid them together while chanting:

Maiden, Mother, Crone-All Three
From all abuse (name of petitioner)now free.

Tie a knot in the loose ends so the braid doesnt unravel, then tie both ends together to form a ring.Place it around the candle to form a circle. Sprinkle the remaining herbs around the braid, and visualize the circle growing stronger and stronger until it forms an impassable wall of protection. Then light the candle and say:

From hurts and bruises (name of petitioner) is free
As I will, so mote it be.

After the candle burns out all the way down, gather the braid, herbs, and candle drippings, if any, into a cloth pouch. Give them to the petitioner to keep on her or his person as a protective measure.

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